Floating by Michelle Dare ~NEW REVIEW~

Floating by Michelle Dare
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

***I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review***

Floating tells the story of Lucy
Abrams. A young woman who one fateful night during high school almost
drowns in the ocean. The main reason that Lucy is still alive is that her
then boyfriend, Gabe was there to save her. This event has left Lucy with
debilitating anxiety when it comes to being near the ocean. There are only
a handful of people that she feels safe or comfortable with, that is until
she meets Ellis Sullivan.

Ellis is vacationing on Ray Point, when
one day while in town he see’s Lucy and is instantly smitten. So smitten
in fact that he cannot get her out of his mind and is determined to find
the beautiful blonde that consumes his every thought. Naturally Ellis
finds his mystery beauty and a relationship between him and Lucy ensues.

I waffled back and forth between 2 and 3 stars the entire time I
was reading it which is why I decided to go with a 2.5. This book at times
was a struggle for me for several reasons. The first was that Ellis came
off as incredibly effeminate to me in the beginning of the book. Now while
I don’t need my main male characters to be hulking alpha males, I do like
them to have a slight whiff of masculinity to them. There was a scene
early in the book where Ellis and his friends were driving around Ray
Point looking for Lucy. This scene really didn’t strike me as something a
bunch of grown men would drive around doing. As the story went on, his
character lost this characteristic but in the beginning it felt like a
woman writing what she thought a man would do.

Another thing that
irked me was the speed love. As a reader, love at first sight is one of my
greatest pet peeves. I will say, that Dare was able to turn me around on
this point because she crafted a beautiful relationship between the two as
the book progressed that made me the reader believe in this relationship
and that it could be lasting.

Finally, Lucy’s relationship with
Gabe (who is a very real presence throughout the book) angered me at
times. As the synopsis of the book states, Gabe never let go of the idea
that Lucy and he would end up together. To me it felt like this plot point
was used as a means to create tension, but in my opinion it wasn’t that
effective. I frequently felt bad for Gabe and it made me at times dislike
both Lucy and Ellis for it.

The book alternates each chapter
between Lucy and Ellis’ first person POV. It was nice to see both
perspectives while reading and definitely helped me the reader buy the
relationship between them. The description on Goodreads states that this
is book one of the series, but I felt that Floating ended in a way that
felt both final and satisfying. I have a feeling that if the series does
continue it will be about secondary characters we met in Floating.

All-in-all this wasn’t the worst book that I’ve ever read but in
the end fell a little flat for me. Brittany

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