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release_ForTheRecord_bannerThis series!!! Oh this series!!! It is one of my absolute favourites and Brady Maxwell is my ultimate book boy.

Check out my review for book #3 For The Record and a special interview with K.A. Linde herself.

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With Congressman Brady Maxwell up for reelection and journalist Liz Dougherty about to graduate into a promising career, the ambitious couple’s future is brighter than ever. They share a passion for their work…and for each other. But when Brady holds a press conference to officially introduce Liz as his girlfriend, reporters hungry for a scandal bombard her. Now, her every move is under a vicious magnifying glass, and her life feels like it’s falling apart.

On the road to reelection, the passionate bond between the congressman and the journalist gets tested at every stop. Threatened by shameless media sensationalism and jealous exes, Brady and Liz now have to learn to trust each other despite what they read in the papers.

In the finale to USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde’s sexy Recordtrilogy, Liz and Brady may be setting off fireworks along the campaign trail, but can their love transcend politics as usual?


For the Record (Record, #3)For the Record by K.A. Linde

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Vote For Maxwell. Brady is my top book boy hands down. And this is one of my tops series.
Well Ms. Linde, you’ve done it again. When you wrote the Avoiding Series, it gave us readers such pleasure in becoming a Jack Packer or Peppermint Posse. And I’m sure we all thought there was no way you could top these two book boys.
Well I’m here to tell you as a die hard Peppermint Posse girl, that I’m letting Ramsey go. Say it isn’t so. I love my peppermint, plaid boxer wearing hottie but the time has come for me to say it’s not you, it’s me Ramsey.
Dear Ramsey,
I’ve fallen in love with someone else. He’s given me a new appreciation for lake houses, a better understanding of American politics and goodness knows it’s all about #airplanesbaby. He’s driven, ambitious, confident yet loving and protective.
And while both of you can rock a dark suit like no other and are both beyond sexy, there is something in Brady Maxwell that gets my vote and love. K.A. Linde introduced me to him and from the first book, I have been completely smitten. There can be no other than Brady. I’m sorry Ramsey. It was good while it lasted and I will always have a place in my heart for you. You were one of my firsts. Thank you but I know I belong to Brady now.
Forever a peppermint girl,

And yes Brady is that good of a book boy. He is my number one. K.A. Linde created this character who is transparent yet so elusive. Without being gratuitous or over the top graphic she created an extremely sexy gorgeous lead character. In fact all the characters in this series are fabulous. They all are ambitious and have their eye on the prize. And its not to go out and hurt people intentionally, well Calleigh maybe is the bitch of all bitches but the characters are extremely focused, intelligent. No one is necessarily broken or damaged. if anything they have forgotten how to balance life with careers and love. So they are viable and believable characters. I love that the female characters are strong women. Educated women and inspiring women.
Also what I loved most about this series is that there was never a question of Brady’s and Liz’s strength of their love or that they loved each other rather it was always how they would fit that love into the big picture of politics. Even if you don’t follow politics, it’s not hard to surmise what a vicious and fragile game it can be and I think the people that are in it are scrutinized much more than a top celebrity making love a tough juggling act.
K.A. Linde, the Record series won by a landslide. There’s no need for a recount and you will always have my vote.
#voteforMaxwell #airplanesbaby #thelakehouse

D 5/5

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Brady. He was here. He had come to pick her up. A million emotions hit her all at once. Her heart ached as it pounded fiercely in her chest. She had missed him so much. The weeks had stretched interminably long.

She caught his eyes and her stomach flopped.

Without a thought for Victoria, Daniel, or her discarded bags, she dashed across the airport. She felt she was in a movie as she rushed toward the man she loved. When she reached him, she threw herself into his arms. Her body thudded against his chest and she pressed her face into his shoulder. His arms pulled her flush against him and he hoisted her up so that her feet tucked up behind her. He smelled unbelievably masculine and delicious. The strength in the embrace grounded her, and everything felt right in the world.

“Hey baby,” Brady whispered in her ear.


What makes this series different from your Avoiding Series? How is it the same?

I think there are a few main differences between the Record and Avoiding series. One, the Avoiding series is written in a past to present format all in Lexi’s POV. The Record series is written straight through with no flashbacks and the end of every book has one chapter from Brady. Additionally, I think the Avoiding series centers on making a choice and finding closure with and about the people that you love. Lexi is torn about Jack and Ramsey, and she needs to find where her heart really lies. Record is set on figuring out how to make a relationship work despite external factors (ie. The campaign, the press, Liz’s journalism career, etc) that keep them apart.

I think it’s the same in that they both focus on angst. Super angsty reads. Both of the main characters end up dating other people before they find their way to each other. There is heartbreak and passion and love and lust and grief. They’ll pull you in and spit you back out and you’ll like it one way or another. LOL

In this series, all the characters are driven and extremely ambitious. What is it about ambition that will make someone like Brady but also on the flip side like Calleigh?

Ambition was the key motivator throughout the story. I think what makes people different is how they use their ambition. Brady had good intentions. He was bred for power. He took all the right steps. He wanted to help people, influence society, make a name for himself. He wanted to do good. He’s a bit of a superhero. Hehe

Calleigh wanted to succeed despite everything else. She didn’t care how she got there or who she had to take down. Ambition was like a disease in her body slowly eating away at her flesh and corroding any of the good left in her.

This is one of my absolute favorite series and one of my top for the year—and I’m not necessarily one who relishes in politics, so what is the draw and the attraction to this series for readers?

Yay! Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy it!

I think for me, the series isn’t even about politics. It is a romance novel with a sexy man and a strong woman with the backdrop of a political setting. There is nothing controversial about Liz and Brady’s opinions, they don’t try to change your mind about what you believe, they aren’t shoving politics down your throat. It’s just like any other book where the setting is a CEO’s office or a Motorcycle Club or on tour with a rock band. The setting shapes what the people do, how they act, and the circumstances of their relationship, but it doesn’t change the fact that you fall in love with them.

Brady is my ultimate book boy. What sets him apart from other book boys?

To me what sets Brady apart is that he isn’t broken. You don’t have to find his big secret and put him back together. You don’t have to change his bad boy self to make him good enough for the main character. He is already a strong, self-reliant, driven man. He knows what he wants. He won’t compromise himself to get it. He knows he looks damn good in a three piece suit, can draw in a crowd, and get you to believe in him. He’s close with his family. He’s just a good guy.

Not a ton of those out there right now. I know I tend to write the assholes.

In many books these days, the male m/c is often an alpha and the female m/c is wishy-washy. Therefore an easy story line. How do you find the balance in writing both the male m/c and female m/c such strong characters because Liz and Brady work. I couldn’t see them any other way yet you found a story to write that was interesting, sexy and a total page turner.

Thank you! Yes, I couldn’t imagine Brady ever wanting a woman who was a weak wishy-washy woman. He endeavors to become president of the United States one day, and the job of First Lady isn’t an easy one. She needs to be smart, dedicated, compassionate. Basically everything he already is! 

Brady is first attracted to Liz, because she throws him off guard. She pushes him every step of the way. And inevitably he pushes her right back. It’s a balance. A push and pull. Brady wouldn’t have even wasted his time with someone who couldn’t challenge him and make him into an even better man.

What is your most favorite thing/scene in this series?

Oh man, this is a tough one. I love everything! Probably the scene at the end of On the Record when Clay and Brady get into a fight, and Brady says, “You’re imagining yourself dead?” I laugh every time just picturing them so angry and confrontational. I love my boys.

Okay, well there are a few other scenes I love in For the Record, but I won’t spoil them. Something about stars.


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