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Forbidden (Songs of Perdition, #1-3)41fwN9QRcJL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Forbidden by C.D. Reiss
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I read Kick and Use, the first two books in The Songs of Perdition series which compiles Forbidden, way back in May of 2014. I sat here and gobbled them down like I was starving for words and the only thing that could fill my hunger were these books. When I finished, all I could think about was this character. Fiona Drazen.

So like anyone would, I waited (at times not so patiently) for the third and final book Break to come out. I stalked the author online, joined her Facebook groups, and in general just prayed I would be thrown just the tiniest crumb of hope regarding this book. Then, what I’m calling the December miracle happened. More Fiona.

Let’s discuss Fiona. She’s a spoiled rich girl who after years of being the “It” party girl finds herself on the fall down to rock bottom. This fall finds her locked up in a looney bin for the wealthy. Quite frankly this isn’t a book you can describe but a book that needs to be experienced.

This character is so flawed at times it hurts to read. She’s raw and emotional and acts without thinking. It’s freeing yet debilitating at the same time. These are the characters I LOVE though. The ones that are so flawed their cracks show with every breath they take. They make me think and feel and worm their way into my body and soul in a way that I crave for when I’m reading.

What I also loved was that while there was the relationship storyline (this time our lead was drawn to two very different men for very different reasons) it wasn’t the driving plot. Reiss kept this about Fiona and her healing and metamorphosis. The men played a part, but they didn’t define her as a person.

This most certainly is not a book for the faint of heart. There are dark times through most of the entire series. But in my opinion those dark moments only make the light ones shine that much brighter. I’m not naive enough to think that everyone will want this when they crack a book open, but implore you to try it none the less.

Bless you C.D. Reiss for one, having the balls to write this crazy woman and two, having the heart to break her completely only to put her back together again as something far more amazing and beautiful than what she had started out as.

Break was worth waiting every moment for. It’s also worth the 5 huge stars I give it. Brittany

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