FOREVER ROAD (Peri Jean Mace Series #1) by Catie Rhodes~ Review



Forever Road by Catie Rhodes

I haven’t read urban fantasy in a long while so I was pleasantly surprised by Catie Rhodes Forever Road. Initially I found the story a little slow going but there were bits and pieces that kept me reading and there were parts I skimmed or skipped over. I felt the individual character development was good and I could buy into their back story and such, including the bad, criminal ones. However, I was hoping the chemistry between Peri and Dean would intensify more to make their relationship more plausible and viable. I also felt that there were some character interactions that would pop up out of the blue and it made it hard to buy into the inter-relationships fully. This is what also made the story slow down or drag on in parts.
I enjoyed the suspense and the mystery of “who dunnit” and didn’t expect that twist.
So while I enjoyed the overall premise of the book, I wish there was a little more fire to it.
D 3/5

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