From Ashes by Molly McAdams ~NEW REVIEW~

I was lucky enough to get a chance to read From Ashes by Molly McAdams before it’s release. 🙂 Seriously, the suspense has been killing me for months!!!  I am thrilled to report that I have absolutely fallen in love with From Ashes!!!!  Well Worth The Wait 😉

For any of you wondering if From Ashes is similar to Taking Chances I can assure you that the only thing they share in common is that they were written by an incredibly talented author. For me, From Ashes was an absolutely beautiful love story.   The story line deals with some tough subject matter but I promise you, this time around, Molly McAdams will not make you UGLY cry. 😉  What she will do is toy with you heart and make you fall in love with captivating characters, while taking you on a riveting journey. Right from the very start From Ashes had my complete and undivided attention, I knew that there was no putting this read down!!  ~Apologizes to husband and kids for ignoring them~ 😉

I felt that Molly McAdams did an amazing job with the character development of Cassidy, Tyler and Gage. I felt very emotionally invested in each of these characters.

While I did feel closure at the end of From Ashes, I was left wanting more.  I fell in love with the characters of this story and was not ready to let them go.  From Ashes has everything I look for in a FAB read; great story, amazing writing and strong characters.  There is hot sexual tension, steamy love scenes, and a love story that melted my heart.  Thank you Molly McAdams for giving me another amazing read I won’t soon forget <3    N.  5/5

Wow… what can I say Molly McAdams just knows how to write. There truly is a soul to her books that is not easily done and is rare to find in others. I am always amazed that being such a young author, how much you can feel and experience from her stories. She just intuitively and seamlessly can write stories that invoke so much emotion and feeling.
One of the number one things that is prominent in McAdams stories, is a deep sense of family bond and support. Like her first book Taking Chances, family is deeply rooted in From Ashes and it’s this value that gives the story a foundation.
There definitely is a lot of pulling at the heart strings in this story. And although some very significant events occur in the story, From Ashes is not necessarily crazy, over the top heart wrenching angst. Because McAdams uses that foundation of family in the story, there are many characters that are interwoven throughout the story. This does not interfere with the fluidity or cohesion of the story; rather it builds on that value of a loving and united foundation.
There was one similarity to another book that I found coincidental. This small nuance will undoubtedly remind others of this other book. And although it fits for this story, there will be those that feel it does not have a place in McAdams’ book.
I enjoy the characters in McAdams books because they are all flawed in some capacity. So whether they are physically beautiful (and they most definitely are- the guys are HOT!), is not entirely of significance. They are not perfect. They mess up. These flaws and mess ups definitely make for more believable, more viable and credible characters.
I thoroughly enjoyed From Ashes and would have no problem recommending this book to someone. D 4/5

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