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I just got done with book #5 HATE ME in the Keatyn Chronicles. This is such a fun series and one of the very few series where I have kept up with each instalment. Jillian Dodd knows how to bring you back to the world of high school without making this a too young of a story to bother reading kind of story. She allows us to relive our high school days with a trendy vibe and all the hottie boy sexiness we always wished we had (boys were so dumb when I was in high school).

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Hate Me (The Keatyn Chronicles, #5)Hate Me by Jillian Dodd

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Couldn’t hate if i tried…


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Scene- D has just finished reading HATE ME (Keatyn Chronicles #5) by Jillian Dodd. She’s blown away. D loves the growth in Keatyn and how that has changed the story in an amazing way.

Keatyn isn’t a self centered spoiled rich kid anymore. Keatyn makes all her decisions and follows them for everyone close to her. She is realizing what love is and how there are so many kinds of love for the various people in her life.

Cut to Aiden– still remains the Hottie God. Has actually has gone from Hottie God to Ultimate Hottie God. OMG he is amazing. So thoughtful and has the biggest heart. D wonders where were boys like him when she was in high school and if she could get a do over she would want to go to Eastbrooke. Aiden and Keatyn’s relationship is so sweet and how they see each other now is so much more mature and thoughtful.

Camera pans over the other boys of Eastbrooke– Hottie God has a crew of demi gods surrounding them (cue Dallas, Riley, Logan, Jake)
D is hyperventilating and getting the warm and fuzzies with how sweet these boys are and loves the friendship and loyalty they have for one another.

Cue the villians– Chelsea and Whitney will never learn. Karma is a bitch though.

Final scene- (D delivers final monologue to Jillian Dodd)

J Dodd you rock my socks girl. I have never followed a series so closely or been so excited for each and every book. From Stalk Me until now in Hate Me, the way you have evolved Keatyn’s character- *sigh* she has grown and matured. I really enjoyed how she handled the situations in Hate Me.
I still wish I could castrate V with a butter knife but I know you will give him what’s coming in Get Me. As for who Keatyn will end up with- it will be the right boy no matter if your fans are Team A or Team B (I’m Team A by the way lol).
I love how Cooper has got a bigger role in this installment. His character is fun. Oh and OMG Stockton’s is the place. Where were those when we were in school? We didn’t even have those in college. I love the romance and young love in Hate Me. The whole psycho-stalker Vincent story line gives enough suspense to keep the story quick paced. Love the fashion as usual and the visual of Aiden in his Prada’s and tux is just *swoon*
Not sure if I can wait until August for the next one. Yes that was a doozie of a cliffhanger but it is so worth it!!!!! I HATE that I can’t GET more until summer.

Rolling credits- If you haven’t entered the world of the Keatyn Chronicles, you are missing out. Jillian has given the YA/NA genre a makeover. She’s added a hot trendy vibe to it, making it more about being fun, young and in love. The Keatyn Chronicles must be read in order to keep with the story line.
Look for GET ME, book #6 coming this summer to an ereader near you. Who will Keatyn end up with and what will Vincent’s final scene be?

Hate Me gets 5/5 stars. Rated 17+ for strong language, suggestive scenes.

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