Her Love Ran Crimson by Zoey Foster ~TEASER~

New Author Zoey  Foster is sharing a teaser from her novel Her Love Ran Crimson.  Looks angst 😉  Make sure to add it to your TBR!

“I will make you trust me. I promise you this. I am not giving up on you. You might be used to everyone giving up but I assure you, Maddie, that I won’t. You’ll see.”  With that Jase walks away making me feel alone and empty. What I wouldn’t give to spill everything to him! To let him take it all away. I know he can, but I can’t let him. I can’t depend on anybody to fix this. Just me. He has felt safe since day one, and I might have just blown my chance at something, but I remind myself it’s for his own good. I blink my eyes rapidly to make my tears disappear, but one tear escapes and falls to the ground. I am not sure when he got this power over me but he has. I wipe the trail from the tear away and make my way to my next class that I share with him.  It takes everything I have to not go running into his arms. If he wants to try I won’t tell him no. It won’t be easy to stay away, I have learned. These last couple of days have killed me, but it can’t hurt to have a friend. Too bad I wish he was more of a friend.

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