We know that many of you use e-readers and some still use books to read.  How and where do you get your favourite reads??  If you use an e-reader what kind are you using and where do you download most of your reads from??

D and I both use our iPads.  We started off with Kobo (Chapters/Indigo’s version of Kindle in Canada).


  1. Joan Kearney says:

    I use my Kindle or Kindle for PC on my lap top or Kindle on my iPad or Kindle on my iPhone

  2. Teri Beth says:

    I have a Kindle keyboard and I absolutely adore it! It goes everywhere with me. So the majority of my books come from Amazon, occasionally I pick up a few from Smashwords.

  3. Vangie says:

    I love my IPad! I purchase books on my IBookstore, Nook app, and Kindle app. I like the Kindle app to see what other people highlighted while they read the same books. I never thought I would get over the lost feeling of not having a real book in my hands. But, it’s so much easier to travel with an IPad than several books!

  4. Camille says:

    I use my iPad and iPhone and download from amazon to my kindle app. I have an older kindle as well but haven’t used it as much since I got the iPad. One less thing to carry in my bag!

  5. debrali says:

    Most of mine are on my Kindle from Amazon. Most of my favorites are available only as ebooks or from indie authors whose paperbacks are harder to come by. I still use the public library for the more mainstream books and my book club reads. Some of the more popular ones in the library I can borrow on my Kindle.

  6. I have the Kindle app on my iPad and use it from time to time because I have soo many free books there waiting for me. But I usually read on my iBooks app since that is what I am used for the most part.
    I do go to the library but they don’t always have what I want to read but they have a site where I can look up and see what they have to lend as an ebook or audio book and I do love audio books they make life so much easier. that is if the voice is right for the book . lol

  7. Amber S. says:

    I use my Kobo Touch and get most books from there if possible. If Kobo doesn’t have something I use Smashwords, or sometimes All Romance eBooks. I also use Amazon (especially for the freebies) if the file is DRM-free so that I can use Calibre to convert to ePub and still read it on my Kobo. I also have the Kindle app on my iPhone so that I can read some from Amazon that are DRM, but haven’t gotten into reading any of those yet.

  8. Sheri Zee says:

    I love my Kindle & get most of my books from Amazon. Have Kindle, will travel!

  9. Deb says:

    I mostly read on my Nook but also use my ipad so i can download from Amazon and take advantage of the freebies & specials also use smashwords. I miss holding a real book, but wouldn’t trade in my ereaders for anything

  10. marcie says:

    I have a Nook basic, which I LOVE! I also have the Kindle/4PC app on my PC. I download to there and transfer to my NOOK via Calibre.

    98% of my FREE books I get from Amazon, All Romance E-books (ARE), or (free books for your Kindle). I’ve never had ANY trouble w/ Smashwords (exclusively for Kristen Ashley ~ Yay!) and recommend checking their freebies occasionally, too.

    Some great sites I belong to that make recommendations for me (and thus make the sorting easier) include: Goodreads, Free Romance ibooks, Maryse’s Book Blog, kindled hearts,,, and Totally Booked.

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