HUSH by E.K. Blair~ Early Review

I absolutely love the grit and the boundaries that E.K. Blair pushes with this series!



Book #3 in the Black Lotus Series.

I’ve come to learn there is no escaping your past.

It doesn’t matter what you do, it will follow like a phantom–haunting you–reminding you.

**Due to the dark and explicit nature of this book, it is recommended for mature audiences only as some scenes may be particularly disturbing.**



Well EK, you continue to blow my mind. The final instalment of the Black Lotus Series, HUSH, was absolutely what it should be… Intense, passionate, evil, deceitful, mesmerizing, sexy, disturbing, suspenseful… an incredible mind bending ride of irrational, untraditional, uninhibited love.
EK Blair doesn’t hold back and her characters need her to lay it all out there. Be damned the hearts and flowers, she kisses, teases and seduces her readers with the smoking gun and raw, animalistic passion.
In this final instalment, EK Blair continues to paint a canvas of sharp, jagged strokes that is Elizabeth. She is such a complex character trying to navigate through even more complex ideals she has about love, relationships, and people. She swirls the palate with Declan’s own need for control creating a masterpiece of bold, unrefined beauty.
Blair mixes dirty, ugly with stunning poetic prose to create a story that makes you cringe with the fact that stripped of everything, this story is a true love st12821588_792226334255820_4984990159099219433_nory. It’s like wading through the mud to find the beautiful lotus flower. And at the heart of this flower coming out of the murky dark, is true beauty and purity. So when you strip away the story and see the characters amidst the murkiness of their flaws and circumstance, you see the purity of love. We all covet love and often that will make us do many unnatural or natural depending how you see it, things.
Hush and the rest of the Black Lotus Series is thrilling and exhilarating. There are no boundaries. So if you are ready and willing to forego convention, tradition and ingrained opinion one click Hush.
 D 5/5 amazing stars


One click and pre-order. Hush releases April 12th, 2016


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