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It is incredibly disappointing when there is a story out there that is a really good one and through reader pressure, the author caves. This is how I feel about In Love With A Master and Jason Luke. Very talented writer who I truly feel sold out. That being said, the story itself warrants my thoughts and gets 4 stars. Jason Luke on the other hand, is sitting at 2 stars. Check out my review!

In Love with a Master (Interview with a Master, #2)In Love with a Master by Jason Luke

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The fact that I disagree with Jason Luke’s decision to pull the book and add scenes to the original does, not alter my opinion that he indeed is a great writer. In Love With A Master was written well and although it was written for his readers, Jason Luke was able to keep the flow of the story continuous with Interview With A Master.
Unlike Interview which was exactly that so the structure of the story was much more expository and you had the ‘outside looking in’ feel to the book, In Love was much more action to the story. I felt like I was standing beside him or Leticia throughout the story. I also really enjoyed the dialogue between Jonah and Leticia. Althogh he was a strong (obviously, he’s a master) character I love that he wasn’t over bearing when it came to Leticia and she was not a doormat either. There were some very schmexy scenes- the editor’s office scene actually had me blushing.
I also really love Jason Luke’s sense of humour and the way it comes across in his story, often had me wondering what he would be like to chat over coffee with. Some of the quirks to the book add another layer to his style that is unique to him and made the read worth while.
I honestly feel that Jason Luke took the story where it needed to go. The ending happened the way the story warranted. It is unfortunate readers now seem to think they are entitled to have a say in an author’s work.
Jason Luke you were on to something here. I wish you well in your future endeavours of writing in another genre that you are very excited to delve into. I hope you come back to the erotic or romance genre as your talents could be endless in these types of stories. May you own your talent and not let a small population dictate your creativity. You are the ‘Master’ of your stories.

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