INTERVIEW WITH A MASTER by Jason Luke~ Davetta’s review

20569957Is one of the most entertaining books I have read about the BDSM world. At times it was funny  how calm he was of telling his stories of his affairs with woman. Not funny ha-ha just so a matter of fact. This was a man who could describe his encounters with woman and make it sound so desirable, even if your not into the whole BDSM life style. This guy could sell you a broken down car and you would pay full price .I had no idea what I was going into when I starting reading this book. I could not put it down. It was so sexy and at the same times it was matter of fact.

Now I don’t know if this is true but is this guy a BDSM master and is he telling his own story? Sometimes I felt like I was reading a guide on what to do if your relationship needed a wake up call and what woman and men are thinking these days….I don’t know about all that but I did enjoy this story.

Jonah is so confident in all his encounters that you start to wonder there has to be a pit he falls in  somewhere in this story. I don’t wish it on him, I just want to get to the root of his problems. And of course its falling in love that keeps his woman at arms lenge his whole life.

The attraction between Jonah  and Leticia is so there from the beginning you just keep wondering when is it going to happen ?? She is this young girl who has no REAL sexual encounters of her own to date so of course she gonna fall hard for this guy. He makes it all sound so romantic and sexy.

I thought  I had Jonah all figured out and always expecting him to kinda just be playing games with Leticia and taking  advantage of her growing feelings for him. Well I was wrong. Turns out he has his own reasons of staying away and not at all what I thought he was going to say… WOW, gotta a little tear from me in the end.

I did enjoy this book and you know I might even have my husband read this one 😉

If you want something a  little different, you should give this a read. Its short and a easy read. As a matter of fact I kinda wish it was longer  !!!!

4 stars Davetta


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