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Have you seen my review for IRRESISTIBLE REFRAIN by Michelle Mankin?

Michelle knows her rock boys and rock stories. If you haven’t had the opportunity to one click this rocktastic book now is the chance. She has it on sale this Thursday and Friday (Oct. 24 and Oct. 25) for .99!!!! Get on it!!!




In music a refrain has two parts: the lyrics of the song, and the melody. It is also a part of the song that is often repeated.

n. re·frain: To hold oneself back; forbear: refrained, to restrain
n. re·frain 2 (r -fr n )
a. A phrase, verse, or group of verses repeated at intervals throughout a song or poem, especially at the end of each stanza.
b. Music for the refrain of a poem.
2. A song or melody.
3. A repeated utterance or theme.

Michelle Mankin’s Irresistible Refrain was just that a song, melodic in it’s delivery of an irresistible love and attraction by two gorgeous and intense rockers to one fragile and lost woman. Both men love her in their own way and for different reasons. She, Lace, feels the love of both men but is drawn to the affections one over the other.
Mankin did not refrain from writing an absolutely fabulous story filled with lyrics of love, angst, friendship, vulnerability, and learning to stand on one’s own feet. This isn’t just a rock story. It’s a story with the musical refrain, the repeated notion of loyalty to family whether blood or circumstance. A loyalty that is a constant beat of the bass to balance out the harmonies of a love that will never fade into the background even when another love song is trying to climb to the top. Because a love as strong as these two (you’ll have to read to figure out who) is not a one hit wonder. It’s a timeless classic.
I have to mention one thing that makes Michelle Mankin’s books so great is she does her research—research on places, ins and outs of the music industry and even the characters. Although fictional she has done her homework on what it is like to be the rock god her characters portray both the good and the ugly parts.
There haven’t been many rock stories that can bring a tear to my eye but Mankin always seems to have the perfect balance of the deep soul of angst and the lighter banter between characters that pull me thorugh different emotions. Much like the perfect ballad with its heavy lyrics in the verses and the lighter prose of a chorus.
Praise to Michelle Mankin for her new rock series Tempest. Book one IRRESISTIBLE REFRAIN rocked my book world. I can’t wait for the next book. This series… we’re talking sold out concerts. Adam Levine, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake HOT1 We’re talking Rolling Stone Magazine cover good. D 5/5 Get on it!!!

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