~JORDAN LEVITT of Bad Rep Fame Visited Flirty and Dirty!!!~ Interview

BadRepOMG, OMG, OOOOO EMMMMM GEEEEE!!!! Jordan Levitt stopped by Flirty and Dirty. And ladies let me tell you– he is so absofreakinlutely GORGEOUS and he’s such a sweetie. I sat down for a little chit chat with him. It took all my will power not to hop into his lap. *swoon* Once you’re done reading, leave a comment and be entered to win an e-copy of Bad Rep by A. Meredith Walters. Here’s how the interview went down…

Hey Jordan. *Can’t stop staring at him* Thanks for stopping by Flirty and Dirty. I know you’re really busy with band stuff. *Ladies I wish you all could be here. HAWT!!!*

Jordan:  Thanks D.  I’m glad I could be here!

D: So let’s jump right into this interview. I have got to get this one out of the way—why on earth did you ever stay in a relationship with Olivia for as long as you did? I mean, you are sweet and all but everyone has a breaking point of how much shit they will put up with. I would have thought yours would have come to that point sooner than it did. She just wasn’t nice or supportive.

Jordan:  When you’re with someone for that long, it sort of falls into a pattern.  A routine.  There were times, I could remember why we were together.  But they started to not be enough anymore.  To be completely honest, Liv and I had been on a “break” since she went away for the summer.  No one realized that she and I had talked many times about putting an end to our relationship.  I know it seemed sort of douchy to not break up with Liv when I should have.  But all I can say is that it was coming.  Though it should have happened sooner than later.  Olivia is a great person.  Just not the person for me anymore.

D: Why Pi Sig? Why a frat? It doesn’t seem to be your vibe. I suppose I have it in my head that frat and sorority houses are just glorified cliques. Maybe me being from Canada where they aren’t as popular has something to do with it too.

Jordan:  My dad was a Pi Sig.  So I’m a legacy.  It was expected that I follow in his footsteps.  Parental disappointment is a hard pill to swallow, so I sort of went along with it.  At first, things were cool.  I liked the guys.  I dug the parties.  But after awhile, it just wasn’t my scene anymore.

 D:  The first time you laid eyes on Maysie, what was really going through your head? Um… I mean mind? *Giggles*

Jordan:  (laughs)…well, I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.  There was something about her eyes…(lets out a deep breath).  I always thought the whole “love at first sight” thing was a crock of shit.  But how do you explain to someone that you just knew when you saw that person, that they were the one for you without sounding like an idiot?  But I just knew D.  After meeting Mays, I knew without a doubt, she was it. 

D:  So, I’m a drummer girl. *Blushes* you are amazing with the sticks. You mesmerize people. But what is even more AMAZEBALLS is your voice.  You’re an incredible singer.  Why don’t you like people to know this about you and is there any chance with your band’s increasing popularity that we get to hear more of your voice? Don’t get me wrong; you make girls drop their panties the moment you get behind the drums. But you are so talented.

Jordan:  Wow, thanks.  Performing is such an amazing feeling.  Playing drums has always been such a release for me.  But I’ve been writing songs for years.  Going from drums to singing is harder than it seems.  There’s something so…raw…about putting yourself out there for everyone to see.  To let your words be heard.  It’s scary, not knowing whether people will love or hate what you have to say.  It’s taken me a long time to be comfortable with revealing that side of myself.

D:  Speaking of the band; what’s next for you guys?

Jordan:  Well, we’re getting ready to start an east coast tour.  We’ve been working with a great promoter, who also happens to be Mitch’s cousin, to set up a bunch of gigs.  We’re not sure where it’s going to go, but we’re stoked to find out.

 D:  How’s Maysie doing?  Have things settled down now? And what’s she going to do when you guys start touring?

Jordan:  Maysie’s great.  She’s really busy with her internship and working at Barton’s.  She’s one of the most hardworking, focused people I have ever met.  She makes me want to do more.  I wake up every morning amazed that we’re together.  That every day we’re making it work.  Given the way things started with us, I can admit, I had some insecurity about it.  But it seems once we got our cards out on the table, things just fell into place.  As for the touring, Maysie and I plan to see each other on the weekends.  I’ve already made arrangements for a romantic weekend (he looks down shyly)…you know just to get away, together.  I have big plans for my girl and our future.  I just hope things go the way I’ve pictured it in my head.

 D:   I’m sure they will. You two really are great together and I think you really ground each other. Who are some of your musical influences? And who would you like to tour with if you had a chance?

 Jordan:  I’m definitely a classic rock kind of guy.  Keith Moon, John Bohnam, Lemmy Kilmister, they’re all amazing musicians.  I’ve always been a huge Rage Against the Machine fan.  As for who I’d go on tour with now…it would have to be System of a Down.  They freaking kick ass!

 D: OK- last one. Tell us one Flirty thing about you and one Dirty thing about you? *holding breath*

Jordan:  (smirks) flirty and dirty huh?  Well, something flirty (gives a smoldering look), I prefer to go commando  (Tucks his thumbs in the waist band of his jeans and grins).  As for the dirty…well (drops his voice), I have a soft spot for a certain science lab on the Rinard campus.  Maysie likes it too (rubs the back of his neck).  Yeah, who knew science could be so…stimulating.

D: *just choked on my soda*

D: *he just stole my breath away and holy heck do I need a cold shower* There you have it ladies. I don’t know about you but I’m a little giddy about sitting here next Jordan Levitt. And yes, he is as gorgeous as we imagined. Sorry Jordan—fangirl moment. *blushes* Thank you so much for showing us some Flirty and Dirty love by visiting today. We wish all the best with your music career and say hi to Maysie. We love her too.




  1. anne rodick says:

    I love jordan

  2. Ashley says:

    That was awesome. I go back reading certine chapters because I can’t get enough.

  3. BlackwaterMama says:

    Oh. My. Goodness..l I have not read this book yet. It’s on my TBR mountain though. I think it just got moved up.

  4. That was an amazing interview! Thanks for getting us the lowdown on Jordan plus the flirty & the dirty! 😉

  5. Alicia Taylor says:

    How weird. I found this very book today on amazon and it went onto my wish list for my next weeks book purchases. It’s would save me having to wait! Lol. Brilliant.

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