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We’re so excited to have Julie Richman here at the blog today. She is the author of Searching For Moore and Moore To Lose.  If you haven’t read these yet, you are missing out on a fantastic series!!! These are two of my favourite books!!! Check out the interview with Julie– she is so down to earth and funny as all get out.

We also had a special treat bot Mia and Schooner stopped by the blog too. What an amazing couple!!!

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D’s Reviews of Searching For Moore and Moore To Lose (synopsis if you click title link)

Searching for Moore (Needing Moore, #1)Searching for Moore by Julie A. Richman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was such a great read. Schooner Moore?– um… hot and all man. This isn’t a tatted up, brooding boy. No way! He is all man. Sophisticated, driven, successful and knows what he wants. Schooner Moore is about control yet he is protective, loving, kind and generous.
In this story we see Schooner go from a college boy to a successful business man. There is a sense e of maturity in this story that isn’t always seen in many of the romance books out there.
The elements of pop culture in this story bring a familiarity and realty to the story.
I really enjoyed the diversity among characters. This definitely brought the story to life.
What also made this a fabulous read for me was that it was balanced. Balanced with the different emotions you feel from the characters and their journey. Balanced with the characters personalities– this was a big one for me because I didn’t feel that one character overshadowed another or that they relied on another character’s story to carry them through the book.
I also enjoyed the time span of this story. You see definite growth in the characters and can see how and why they became the people they did by the end of the story.
This is a fabulous read and I really look forward to the rest of the series.

Moore to Lose (Needing Moore, #2)Moore to Lose by Julie A. Richman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

oh how i love the men in Julie Richman’s books. I’ve gotta say that I usually find the second book in a trilogy or series to be somewhat of a coasting story. The time filler for the big event in the third. Quite often the second story lacks depth and development. Yeah… That didn’t happen in Moore To Lose. Julie Richman put it all out there and did not disappoint.
She gave us more hot book men. And yes I said men because Richman doesn’t dapple with boys. Julie Richman gave us an alpha douche that was incredibly smooth and charming that it was hard not to get damp panties from his character. Then she gave us gorgeous, classy gentleman who was so incredibly delicious that he had you at hello and continued to own you throughout the story. And of course she gave us more Schooner- the epitome of all book men without being crazy over the top that he isn’t believable. Schooner continued to draw us in and invest our hearts in this story.
One thing that Richman does extremely well is her use of pop culture and world events in her story. Many books that attempt this often fail (in my opinion) because it’s too much or it is insincere that it comes across as desperate or cheesy. Not so in Richman’s books. She makes it funny, endearing and heartfelt. One particular part of Moore To Lose used a significant event in modern history that had me bawling and so emotionally invested in the characters involved. Even thinking about that part of the book now brings back the tears and the pain in my heart. She handled it so delicately and honorably. It truly was one of my favorite parts of the book. And one of my favorite scenes that I have read by anyone.
I must mention the females in Richman’s stories because they deserve it. Her women are strong, intelligent, independent ladies who know what they want yet possess the ability to love, to be somewhat vulnerable, to want and need and to be loyal. They are so much fun to read about them as they go toe to toe with the guys in the story.
The Needing Moore Series is one that should definitely be read. It needs to be read. You get it all… Humor, love, gorgeous characters, hot schmex and a fabulous story. Get on it. D 5/5

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Julie Richman Interview:

Hey Julie!!! Thanks for visiting. It’s been too long since we’ve been able to chat. Granted in Vegas, we weren’t chatting too much now were we? I’ve missed your face. So let’s get this interview going shall we?

Ok so first question, how did you come up with the name Schooner? I mean it totally suits him and I can’t picture him with any other name but he’s named after a damn ship.

It totally fits him, doesn’t it!  I mean he IS Schooner.  The one and only!  LOL. I have NO clue as to where his name came from.  It popped into my head one night and I thought “what an odd name” – and the next day I was writing SFM.  I almost changed it to Schooner Martin that weekend, but decided to keep it as Schooner Moore because by the third day, I knew the title and the play on words with Moore just worked.

Without giving away any spoilers—there is a part in book #2 Moore To Lose that tore me apart. You and I have talked about this before. But did you see the story ever getting to that scene in the beginning or did it just come to you out of nowhere?  

That scene prompted the writing of Moore to Lose.  The series was originally only supposed to be two books.  Shortly after I finished writing SFM, I started seeing these scenes in my head, that one – which had me standing in the middle of my kitchen sobbing, and multiple others, including many with Tom.  To me, this was so compelling and as the pieces started to “download” into my brain the trilogy and its structure came together and I just had to write it.  I did have to “work myself up” to write the section you are talking about – I had to get really raw to go there.

How do you come up with your characters? Mia is actually one of the few female m/c’s that I love. There’s just something about her.  

At the risk of sounding more than slightly off-balance, my characters just show up in my head and they come very fully developed.  When I start to really delve into them, I usually realize they are elements of a few people put together and a lot of imagination.  Mia is a very complex character and I think people really saw how nuanced she is after reading Moore to Lose.  Readers loved her in Searching for Moore , but after MTL, you know how she got to be the woman she is. 

In Searching For Moore, you bring us to the 80’s and 90’s. What made you want to take this ‘risk’ as many of your readers are 90’s babies so the pop culture you mention isn’t something they might be aware of?

I love pop culture and I love what it says about a certain place in time. I also think music is so universal and transcends time – or maybe collapses time – into something simultaneous (I swear I’m not doing drugs), so that these elements speak to people of all ages.  My readers that were in school in the 80’s get transported into a space from their past and I think that has helped make this saga very real to people. (And if any readers have an extra Springsteen ticket for the US/Canada, Europe or Australia – find me! I’ll be so there!)

What do you think attracts readers to Schooner? I love him because he is a man and not a boy. There are many books and not that it makes them any less read worthy—but the characters are all these 20 something guys—who I don’t think possess the experience of life to behave as they do when it comes to love. Not all but many. Schooner is in his 40’s and is incredibly sexy and panty twist worthy.

Well, I think there are a few things about Schooner that are incredibly attractive  and, you are right,  he is a man, not a boy.  We did; however, meet Schooner as a boy and even as a teen, he has this deep-seated need to protect those he cares about and he takes it very, very seriously.  That is a very attractive and mature trait, add that to this 6’2″ handsome, blonde haired, blue eyed, athletic, smart man with God-given ass – blend in his life experience – and what he has taken from it and how he has used this experience to grow (his time in Zambia transformed his life’s path) and become successful.  He’s a little bit controlling  and while he is good as gold to those he loves, it is clear, do not fuck with him.  Schooner possesses power without having to overtly show people he’s powerful and that is a very sexy characteristic.  On the flip side, he’s secure enough in himself  to not be afraid of his own vulnerabilities  and can allow himself to be vulnerable (his question and response to Mia in their first phone call after the friend request. “Why did you leave me?” and “I only wanted to protect you.”).  I think it’s all of the above and the depth of who his that has made him so attractive to readers.

What do you think you will do when you say goodbye to Schooner and Mia?

 I think I will curl up in a ball and sob.  They have been living in my head for a year and literally changed my life and my life’s path.  The people I interact with every day are in my life because of Schooner and Mia.  Readers, bloggers, friends, artists.  It’s all because of Schooner Moore and Mia Silver.  Bottom line – I’m going to be a fucking basket case!  Then I’ll hopefully go on a photography trip – recenter – come home and start writing Bad Son Rising.

And this is a must when you visit Flirty and Dirty—tell us one flirty thing about you and one dirty thing. *teehee*

Can I just steal both of Mia’s?  …. Mango butter lotion, anyone?  *devil grin*

Mia and Schooner Interview (I love these two!)








Hey you two!!! Thanks so much for stopping by. It’s been a long time coming and I’m so excited to sit down with the both of you.

Mia: Denise, you gorgeous thing, so wonderful to see you. Have I ever told you that you are my girl crush. Oh don’t worry, he knows … he says he wants to watch … I tell him to dream on.

Schooner: A guy can dream!

D: I think I have a lady boner.

Crew I just have to say. There is so much gorgeous in this room that I feel like I need a cold shower. If it wouldn’t make them uncomfortable or make Mia and Schooner think I’ve about lost my mind, I would just stare at them both. Guys, like you want to lick them they are so gorgeous!!!  *Blushes*

Ok, it’s getting hot in here. Let’s get down to our interview.

Before I get into anything. I have to ask—what is with the two of you and cabs? You know that there are many of us who cringe at the mere mention of the word now.

*looking at each other with that inside joke look* 

S: Denise, the night of the L9/NYC opening when I went to get in that cab and I didn’t know what hospital Mia had been taken to, I have never felt so lost in my life. It didn’t even occur to me when I was standing there hailing a cab that I didn’t know where to go.  Baby Girl, you scared me.

M: Well, when I got into my cab, I didn’t really  care where you were – I was so mad at you!

What do you have planned for the holidays? Do you celebrate Christmakkah?

M: Friends and family, mellow holidays this year … and yes, we are celebrating Christmakkah, I’m soooo excited …   *pokes him*  And you’re tall enough to put the star at the top. You’re like my very own abominable snow monster.

Schooner, I need to ask you—WTF were you thinking being with CJ and for so long?

S: Denise,  wow – readers are really pissed off at me!  I’m glad you are all so supportive of Mia, but wow, the wrath.  You readers are a tough crowd. You’ll see in Moore than Forever that Julie really helps me address it and hopefully you’ll all love me again.  Because I love you! *flashes his panty wetting smile*

Oh I hope so and honestly, I’m just glad you and Mia worked out. Maybe CJ will find her happiness *shakes head like I said something so bizarre*

This question is for both of—now that you have found your way back to each other, are there any regrets being that you were apart for so many years?

M:  Honestly Denise, that’s been really hard for me to work through – missing so much of Schooner’s life. He’s the one that’s really good at pulling me back to the present and making me focus on how great things are now.

S: *turning to M* For the rest of my life, I will be creating moments that are filled with you.  I’ve got that, so focusing on regrets would just take away from those moments. Can’t give it that energy.

M: Wow. That’s so California.

S: See the shit I have to put up with, Denise? *smiling*

Mia tell me the one thing that makes you love Schooner.

M: Denise, seriously?  One? Gah, you’re killing me.  Hmmm, what do I love about you?  My happiness and the happiness of everyone he loves is the most important thing to him. He’s really selfless and puts those he loves first.  And he gives good head. Oh wait, that was two.

*blushes* Someone get me an glass of ice water!

Schooner tell me one thing that makes you love Mia.

S: She’s a freaking handful. Never has one person challenged me in so many ways. Life with Mia is an adventure. And she gives good head.

Do you think you two want more children?

M to S: You are not knocking me up again.  But feel free to fuck my brains out anytime you want… or I want *devil grin*.

Schooner tell us one flirty thing about you and one dirty thing about you.

S: *looks at me with those gorgeous pale sapphire blue eyes as his slow, sexy smile unfolds. Man, this guy can do eye contact like no other. I can’t breathe he’s so freaking handsome* Need to change your underwear yet, Denise?

D: You suck, Schooner!

*everyone laughs*

S: Something dirty … hmmm, I like tight spaces.

Mia same thing—one flirty and one dirty.

M: *laughing* how do I follow that up?  Let’s see, flirty … just enough boobs to make guys talk to them. Then they’ll never say no to me.

Dirty, well, I like that he likes tight spaces.

Now tell us a joint flirty thing and a joint dirty thing—I’m going to blush with this one aren’t I?

S: I think we kind of skip flirty and go right to dirty. You already know this little one here is quite the exhibitionist.   *He laughs, shaking his head at a memory* The American Airlines Admiral’s Club. If you ever see her sitting in my lap it’s probably not because there are a lack of empty chairs.  And if she’s wearing a long skirt or a long sundress, that’s a dead giveaway.

M: *eyes wide,  backhands him in the upper arm* You’re giving away all my secrets.

*All laugh*

Thank you so much for dropping by. And Mia seriously let’s do coffee love. Schooner take care of her. Hopefully next time you can stop by with baby!!! And please no cabs!!!!

M: It was so great to be here, but now you have to promise to come spend some time with us out on the beach. And did you hear that, Pretty Boy, Denise said you need to take care of me.

S: Baby Girl, taking care of you is like flying into a Category 4 hurricane.

*everyone laughs*

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  1. Chrystal says:

    Loved both books can’t wait for the third!!! A must read

  2. Michele Welch says:

    If you haven’t yet read “Searching for Moore” or the 2nd book “Moore to Lose” then what are you waiting for?….These books rock like no others…Roll on the 3rd book “Moore than Forever” it can’t come soon enough for me!

  3. Atalia M. says:

    Searching For Moore Review: http://www.amazon.com/review/R3Q4MYEQM72JXM/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity! 🙂

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