KISS ME by Jillian Dodd ~New Review~

So loved this book. I think I even loved it more than the first. Is that even possible because Stalk me was EPIC! So what does that make Kiss Me?– UBER EPIC? It probably doesn’t even matter. Except that you so need to read this book!!! Jillian Dodd is like the Goddess of mature YA lit– she just gets it.
Kiss Me, the second book to the Keatyn Chronicles, was so much fun. There is still the God of All Hotties making his play on Keatyn but then there’s Dawson. OMG– I personally think he should have the title of God of All Hotties. But whatever — he’s just HOT!!! And he and Keatyn totally click. But what’s a girl to do — it’s so confusing with all the hotness right at your finger tips. I’m not sure I would be able to keep a clear head to try and figure out how my life has changed and what hottie i should be with and oh– that stalker guy, Vincent is still a presence – um scary. Life at boarding school seems cool. I mean there’s of course the bitch Whitney but whatever. She’s gonna do what she does.
So back to J Dodd — being the goddess that she is, wrote a fun, sexy, HOT, well really HOT actually, not too angsty, damn fab book!!! All her characters are so much fun. And– they totally remind you of what it was like to be that young again. The fashion is to die for — so want to raid Keatyn’s closet. And where were the Gods of All Hotties when I was in high school? The story isn’t too heavy– well except for that whole Vincent stalker bit — but Keatyn is being well protected. You fall in love with this story cuz it’s light. You laugh, you SQUEEE and OMG — the sweet things those boys do for Keatyn– even Riley and Dallas who are HOT but they’re just Keats’ friends who are great kissers. And Keatyn- um who would’t want to be her friend. She is so witty, and she is so not whiny. She’s strong but she’s a girl and has feelings. I love her. She’s one of the best young female characters in any books.
If you’re looking for a fun night and something laid back– totally read Kiss Me. It’s so good and did I mention HOT? Cuz ya– HOT!!! — that is all. Can’t wait for book 3, Date Me!!!D 5/5

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