~LENNON’S JINX by Chris Meyers~ Review

LennonsJinxGW-1What a refreshing and poignant story of friendship. Of truly connecting on a level that is void of judgement and full of understanding.
Here’s a story where both primary characters (Lennon and Jinx), who had both been broken by their fathers but in very different ways. Different but tore their heart in exactly the same way. It left them needing in the same way.
Chris Meyers did a wonderful job of developing her characters and story. there was such a dynamic movement between events and between the inter-relationships of characters. The angst throughout the story was important and needed. However, it did not pull you under or smother the story.
I was so involved in the secondary character, Currie. She was the binding force throughout the entire story. It was her that had Lennon and Jinx, for that matter, thinking about things beyond their hurt, within their hurt and around their hurt. For such a young girl, she was so acutely aware of the dynamics of relationships. She knew they weren’t always simple and often took time, forgiveness and effort.
I also enjoyed how the author, had a varied cast of characters. They varied in race and looks. Not all the characters were drop dead gorgeous. In fact, Lennon is described as really good looking but he isn’t over cut in muscle and he isn’t a tough guy or a fighter. Also, although he is wealthy he does not flaunt his wealth in that stereotypical spoiled teen way.
I must mention that what I found so refreshing, is that author Chris Meyers, was able to portray the characters and convey their feelings without the gratuitous use of profanity and graphic sexual scenes. It’s not that the characters didn’t use colorful language or engage in any sexual acts, it’s that Meyers did not use them as crutches for her story. There wasn’t the need to go into detail with them to actively tell the story.
The story is an easy one that is layered with emotion and thought. It was fluid and kept me engaged the whole time that I found I was done in a matter of a few hours.  Is Lennon’s Jinx worth reading and recommending? Absolutely. It is slated to be part of a trilogy. I eagerly anticipate as to where this story is going to go and can’t wait for book two.

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  2. Chris Myers says:

    Thank you so much for the review and posting it on Amazon and Goodreads. I’m working hard on the sequels to Date with the Dead and Lennon’s Jinx. Thanks again.

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