Like Gravity by Julie Johnson ~ NEW REVIEW

Like Gravity by Julie Johnson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

by Brittany

I’ve never been the type of reader that leans toward the hot and heavy reads. I’ve always been one that enjoys the soft quite books. The ones that you don’t necessarily expect, but knock you on your butt once you turn that last page. Like Gravity by Julie Johnson was one of those books. I found this beautiful book by chance. It popped up in my daily Book Bub deals and the blurb instantly intrigued me.

The story is about Brooklyn “Bee” Turner, a college student who at a very young age experienced the life changing tragedy of her mothers murder. Years later, Bee is still deeply affected by this event in her life. It has determined who she is and how she interacts with those around her, that is until Finn Chambers walks into her life. I absolutely adored how the relationship between Bee and Finn developed. It felt natural and real. Never rushed. Johnson built a beautiful friendship between the two before delving into the romantic.

The other thing I loved about Johnson’s writing was that even though Bee had been through insurmountable tragedies in her life, the character never felt like it was painted as a victim. Bee’s strength in the face of tragedies and adversities made her a female protagonist that I wanted to spend my time with. It made me as the reader root for her and hope the best for her. I find that so frequently in today’s literary landscape so many author’s paint women and weak and mild, but that was never the case with Bee. She found the strength in the darkness and it made me love her character all the more for it.

The story is told in first person completely from Bee’s POV, and honestly, it called for that. While it may have been nice to see Finn’s POV from time-to-time, I think it would have detracted from the story which was Bee’s from start to finish. The book is also a standalone, so once you flip that last page you are done. No cliffhangers or surprise sequels.

All-in-all this was an amazing read. Two reasons I deducted a star. First, I had the “twist” figured out about a third of the way through the book. But honestly, in my opinion that fact didn’t affect the beautiful story and writing that came before it. Second, her best friend Lexi drove me insane. I swear there is a rule that writers have that says the BFF has to be superficial and high-strung. I will say Lexi switched around for me at about the halfway mark so she wasn’t a total lost cause.

I loved this book and would 100% recommend it as your next read.

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