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Lily LoveLily Love by Maggi Myers

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Absolutely stunning story!
Lily Love is one of those stories that I cannot express in words how beautiful a story it truly is. This is one of those books you need to read and experience for yourself. I love the story of self discovery as a woman and knowing our worth. We set the expectations for ourselves so high (unachievable at times) that I think we forget who we are. Lily Love is a story where a mom had these expectations and when one point failed she let her worth become of no value.
Lily Love takes you on a journey of finding your place as a mom, a friend, a wife, an advocate, a lover, a sister and every other hat that we could possibly wear as a woman– sometimes all at once.
Maggi Myers poured her heart into this story and the words bleed every ounce of that sincerity. Even as I sit here writing this review, i can’t help but get tears in my eyes knowing we all have had a struggle or two in all our femininity and making a place for ourselves in a crazy world.
The storyline and characters in this book are so thoughtfully and insightfully presented. There isn’t random filler thrown in to “Hollywood-ize” the story. i absolutely love the friendships and connections Caroline, the female m/c has with each of the characters. Each one is important, complex and a much needed layer to Caroline’s life. There isn’t the need for an inflated fantasy male m/c. Tate and Max, even Peter for that matter, are real. Their appeal is not in any unattainable trait but in their vulnerabilities, in their ability to hurt and to want love and someone to share their dreams with. I was so completely invested and drawn in to how these characters handled their hearts so differently depending on who they were interacting with or what the situation was. Tate- always so strong even though his hurt and defeat ran just as deep as Caroline’s. Max- always the nurturer when he himself needed to be nurtured and loved. Peter- in defense mode because his guilt and his love for Caroline were melded together in one emotion.
Caroline- if you’re a mother, you will often think you are reading your own autobiography or looking at your reflection in the mirror. I don’t think there was a single moment where I couldn’t relate to her on some level.
Lily- oh Lily. How she took my heart in her hands and lead me through such a journey of unconditional love tangled with feelings that as a mother you never feel entitled or justified to have but they are just as real and just as important in what makes us a mother.
Like Myers first book The Final Piece, Lily Love pulls emotions that are rooted deep within. He honesty in this story is beyond humbling. I’ve never had a book that had me crying from the first few pages. I knew Maggi myers would pull at every heartstring possible but I cannot even begin to tell you how many of my multiple personalities came out to play in this book. One minute I was bawling and the next laughing. There were times i wanted to throw my reader and other times I wanted to put on my super mom cape and fly.
What Myers really exhibited in this incredible and poignant story was that we always wear our super hero capes. Even when we feel we are at our lowest. Our cape lets us have those bad days, the doubtful days, the exhausting days, the days when we want to say I give up. Our “I Am A Woman” capes guide us, heal us, allow us to feel, to love. Our capes let us be proud to be a mom. A woman.

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