Looking to get into the world of e-reading but not sure which e-reader to buy?????


You have have decided it’s time to break down and buy an e-reader, but which e-reader to buy????  D and I, both being from Canada, started out with Kobo e-readers but soon found out that we were missing out on so many amazing reads that were not available to us from Kobo.  Now we both use iPads with every e-reader app known to man.  We do realize that not everyone has a budget that can afford an iPad, tablet or expensive e-reader.  Looking to get started now???  Amazon offers a 6″ wi-fi Kindle for $69.00 which, is a great price to get started.  Amazon has Kindles to suite everyone’s budget/need.  If you have decided that you want more options a tablet may also be a good choice.  Make sure to do your research before you purchase as not all e-readers  are created equal.



  1. And I say don’t buy a Nook because Barnes & Noble never offers the deals that Amazon does, their Customer Service is well below par abd I never get any problems resolved.

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