LOUD IS HOW I LOVE YOU by Mercy Brown~ Review


Loud is How I Love You by Mercy Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Loved this story!
You definitely can tell that the author has intimate knowledge of the indie rock scene. I enjoyed how we got a backstage pass to the inter-relationships between bands.
SotF– AKA Stars On The Floor, AKA Soft showed us the inner workings of an indie rock band. Not just the business side of things but the emotional climb to success and maintaining a normalcy to life, of not being a stereotype.
The chemistry between Emmy and Travis was fabulous– I love that it was built on true friendship and not exclusively on lust. So there wasn’t an instalove deal. It was a genuine connection. And unlike many rock romances, both characters were familiar and completely immersed in the industry which made their conflict that much more interesting and why you as the reader rooted and cheered for them the whole way.
The humour throughout the story had me laughing constantly. The jokes weren’t forced and a reader could get the complete visual of what was happening which made it even more hilarious. MONTANA!!!!– the man not the state. (You’ll have to read to get the joke)
Mercy Brown’s narrative voice/style is one that completely pulls the reader into the story. You are never on the outside looking in. Reading LiHILY, was like being a roadie for Soft. I can’t wait to read the second book. I hope it’s soon!!!
A great, worthwhile read.
D 4/5

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