~LOVE ME (Keatyn Chronicles #4) by Jillian Dodd~ Review


Ohmigawd!!!!! So um, I totes think that Jillian Dodd has undergone some special training in psychological torture techniques or something cuz I just finished her new release LOVE ME (book #4 Keatyn Chronicles) and I’m not sure what just happened. Cuz now I’m so confused as to what book boy I should be in love with. I know Dawson messed up. But he gives me that oh so tingly feeling. And Aiden. Oh he seriously does have some secret love potion cuz I swear it came through my reader and I’m more in love with him than when I first got to know him in Kiss Me (book #2). I don’t know how Keatyn manages her heart with these two incredible boys.

And then OMG, J Dodd seriously turned it on. She brought B back!!! He totally had a heart to heart with Keatyn and *sigh* So, um Jillian, what’s the deal with Cush? SMH. I could like so go on about Keatie’s boys so I better stop otherwise I’m going to lose all reason to thoughts of the God of All Hotties, Dawes, B and Cooper Steele. Oh ya Mr. Steele is new. He’s gorgeous but he totes isn’t crushing on Keats or anything. But he is so sweet and ya so gorgeous. It’s like an abs buffet in this book.  And kissing. Oh how I wish I was kissed like that my junior year of high school. Cuz Keatyn so gets the best deal when it comes to kissing.

So let me get to how J Dodd rocks my socks with this series. She makes it fun!! She makes it sexy!! She makes it flirty!! I absolutely love how she sticks to the script—OMG I totes just thought of something. The Keatyn Chronicles would make the best TV series. Especially with the whole suspense drama thing of creepy stalker guy Vincent. He’s getting closer and he upped his stalking game plan. I just got a shiver down my spine because he is so eeewww creepy gross. Someone seriously needs to catch this guy and let him rot with his own sick mind in a tiny little cell in complete isolation. Sorry it’s just that this man is evil.

So ya back to J Dodd— I think now more than ever she is definitely a secret agent or something. How does she come up with these characters and story lines? And then she just sucks you into her little world and I can’t stop reading and wanting more of Keatyn and the boys!!! She puts it all in there. Love. Mean people. Jealousy. Fun. Friendship. Fashion. Music. Style. Hotness. Sweetness. Oh and Keatyn’s grandparents so cute!!! It’s Jillian Dodd that must have some secret potion that she sends through our readers so that we become addicted to her books. I wonder if there is a support group for this? Oh there so is a group or you can check out Jillian Dodd’s Facebook.  She may be a secret agent, ninja, Jedi but she will totes respond to comments on her author page. Links at the bottom.

I’m seriously SQUEEing over this book so just go get it k? You’ll love it!!! D 5/5

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