LOVE NOUVEAU by B.L. Berry~ Review

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Check out my review for Love Nouveau by B.L. Berry. This is her debut novel and definitely is one to add to your TBR…

Love NouveauLove Nouveau by B.L. Berry

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars I hope there is a follow up book. A solid debut for author BL Berry. Characters were easy to love and hate as well as relate to or believe whether their actions were from the heart or because they had no heart. When Phoenix, the male m/c was first introduced to us the readers, I wasn’t sure about his sensitivity, acute awareness of Ivy, that maybe he was too soft. As I continued to read, I fell more in love with him and enjoyed a book that finally had a guy who could be a gentleman as well as a hot-blooded male. I also really enjoyed the fact that Berry did not use sex, specifically page after page of sex written in ridiculous detail, as the epicentre of her story. I think her goal was to really develop a story based around the growing and understanding of feelings the characters were discovering about themselves as well as each other.
I really hope that there is another instalment to this story as Berry left me with some unanswered questions regarding Phoenix… there’s a story just waiting to be told.
I enjoyed the read and kept wanting to find out what happened next.
D 3.5/5

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