~LOVE RESOLUTION by Michelle Mankin~ Review


Raised the roof and rocked the house!!!

This ain’t no one hit wonder. We’re talking multi platinum, red carpet, glam walking smash hit!  Michelle Mankin rocked Love Resolution.

Here’s the thing about books that are part of a series—the story gets diluted or loses some of its verve and power.  There often will be too many tangents to the story or too many characters to remember; so not the case with book #3 in the Black Cat Records Series.

Mankin has developed a story with characters carefully and thoughtfully interwoven with each other.  And while they are all connected to one another, they all have their own fun, intense, rockin’ story to tell.  Love Resolution is the real deal. You get sucked in from the get go and Mankin keeps building and bending the connection between Marcus and Avery—like the amazing guitar riff that powers you through the ultimate rock ballad.  Yet she beautifully overlays the story of the boys from Tempest and plays it like the hypnotic and deep sounds of the bass.  The secondary characters are anything but. They provide the balance to this power hit—giving it a harmony that the melody can’t be without.  JR and Sam are still going strong and their relationship is ever so sweet and real. Bryan ‘Bullet’ Jackson, front man for Tempest is sexy and comes across as the face for bad boy rockers. Yet there is something sexy and tortured about him.  I must mention King, the drummer for Tempest (yes drummers, the guys in the back are the IT boys for me), has left me intrigued and wanting more story.  He’s like the B- side song that you never thought anything about until you listened to the lyrics. Then you realize what an amazing song it is.  He made a very brief appearance in Love Resolution but he has some kind of draw or pull that you are left wondering what’s his deal?  And let’s face it Michelle Mankin does not have characters in the story just for show. There are no empty lyrics in her songs.

Love Resolution’s plot lines are like a greatest hits album; all the best in one compilation. Mankin pulled out all the stops. She had me wanting to throw my e-reader, bawl my eyes out and do my happy dance. The story flows so fluidly.  There is no disconnection from the previous book or from within the story. Whatever emotion you feel doesn’t fade, it just enhances the intensity of the next one.  It is encore after encore.  Without giving spoilers, I absolutely love how Mankin does not leave us like we got ripped off half a concert but rather she invites us to be roadies and groupies for the next show; in other words not a crazy ass cliffhanger but enough to tease. Enough to go buy the current album and fill our soul with Love Resolution while we patiently wait for her next platinum single and sold out show.

If you haven’t jumped on this train, you are missing out. You may love country, R&B or rap but I can guarantee Michelle Mankin will make a rocker out of you!!! D 5/5

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