MAYBE MABY by Willow Aster~ Review

A wonderful and beautiful story. I want more of this story.

Maybe MabyMaybe Maby by Willow Aster

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

what a refreshing and poignant read!
This is a story that you need to go into blind to appreciate and enjoy the idiosyncrasies of the characters.
I absolutely loved being a ‘fly on the wall’ of Maybe Maby. the connections and relationships between characters was something that had me smiling throughout the entire story. The balance between the characters— yes balance or synchronicity was like a flawless dance that kept you captivated. The imperfections of each character made me revel in them and fall in love with them so much more. This isn’t your damaged girl and damaged guy fix each other kind of story. This is a true love story of acceptance, understanding taking who one is and embracing them, celebrating them. Fall in love with Coen (he’s a book boy like none other (boyish, lively, compassionate, lives each day with a new sense of freedom and adventure). Maby (intuitive, thoughtful, selfless, tenacious and strong). Saul (protective, loyal, sincere, heartfelt). Dalton (LOL- you need to read about him).

I also thought Willow Aster did a beautiful job writing a story about a this particular topic that was sincere, thoughtful and hopeful without downplaying anything but not solely focusing on the issue surrounding the story.
MAYBE MABY was one of those stories I couldn’t put down. It made my heart smile, gave me happy thoughts and i just wanted more of it.
D 5/5

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