~MIKALO’s GRACE by Syndra K. Shaw~ review

17061798Author Syndra K. Shaw invites you into a week of discovery. Mikalo’s Grace is a week -long escapade of sensuality and learning to embrace emotions of the heart. It is about having a trust in yourself and your heart; allowing these aspects of yourself to guide your actions and decisions.
Mikalo is a beautiful and assertive Mediterranean slice of heaven. He can make you forget everything except for the moment that you are wrapped in his arms. He is not without his own vulnerabilities, however. I should mention that throughout this read, I did feel there are some secrets to Mikalo that will be divulged in the next book. He is an intelligent businessman who is thoughtful and insightful. He lets his heart and his
Ronan is an attractive and successful lawyer who has had her heart sealed by a time so long ago. It was a time where her feelings were not welcomed. Her opinions were not heard and if they were, they were rejected with condescension and guilt.
Shaw gives us a commanding indulgence into what the mind and the body want from someone else. It explores the idea of letting the logical/thinking side of you relent to all your physical desires without any inhibitions or lack of trust.
This is a quick read and I did find myself wanting more. Overall the character and story development was well done. It’s a great book to escape for a couple of hours. I did enjoy that this story had substance and wasn’t just a mindless drone of words.
There are definitely a couple of scenes that are HOT!!!!!!! These scenes really test Ronan and letting go of her inhibitions. You’ll definitely know which ones I’m talking about. *fans self* I look forward to seeing more from Mikalo and Ronan. This is a solid read. D 3.5 stars (because I was left wanting more- like there was something that needed to be explained regarding Mikalo).

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