MOORE THAN FOREVER (Needing Moore #3) by Julie Richman~ Review

Moore than Forever (Needing Moore, #3)Moore than Forever by Julie A. Richman

hey crew,
here is my review for the 3rd and final instalment in the Needing Moore Series. I absolutely love this series and it’s characters.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was provided an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review. Moore Than Forever. What can I say? It’s SMOOCHAL!!! This was the conclusion to Pretty Boy and BBC’s story. Their journey was fun, heartbreaking, tragic, beautiful, inspiring and almost didn’t happen.
What I love most about this story and this series is the main characters aren’t these young twenty- something’s that haven’t lived. Schooner and Mia have gone through life alone, together, with other people and have learned through life experience how to live.
I also enjoy that while Schooner and Mila have money, they have worked their ass off to get where they are and that these trials are interwoven throughout the series.
The Michael Portman story line that is carried over from Moore To Lose (#2) is amazing and grabs my heart each time. Julie Richman wrote it with incredible sincerity—you think that it has happened to her on an extremely personal level. The events rocked the world but when I read through her eyes in this series, I couldn’t imagine how those who were in the eye of the storm coped.
In the first book Searching For Moore, we found out who Schooner was and how he thrived on control in every aspect in his life. And Mia as well. Throughout this last installment, you really see both Schooner and Mia grow and change, realizing the importance of togetherness, teamwork and compromise. There were parts however, where I felt Schooner’s control in the ‘bedroom’ was a bit much. It’s more like I thought it could have been a more beautiful moment and Schooner’s words killed the romance aspect of what he and Mia had overcome to finally be together. So for me, the hot factor was over-indulged. Not all the sex scenes just a couple of them. Don’t get me wrong, Schooner is delicious.
Being the last book, I realize there were parts of the story that obviously needed to have closure and make sure the loose ends were all dealt with, however I also felt there were parts of the book that were extraneous. Some of those scenes or dialogues could have been shortened– some of Mia and Schooner’s individual inner dialogue was a tad bit repetitive. However, the story on the whole was fantastic. The Zambia scenes warmed my heart. The further introduction of Zac Moore was great and leads me to believe we will be seeing a spinoff with his character—which I think will be fabulous.
Julie Richman has a way of interweaving all her characters that the secondary ones play an important role to the story and without them, the story would be missing a vital aspect. Her use of pop culture and humor, make this series fun to read. I can’t wait to see what she has coming our way next. If you haven’t read anything by Julie Richman or met Schooner Moore, you best get on it. 😉
D 4/5

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