~MORE THAN MEETS THE INK by Elle Aycart~ Review

More Than M the IThis book definitely gave me more than I expected. The initial draw to the story is a tatted up, gorgeous as all get out bad boy with attitude. James Bowen isn’t the type to want to settle down with one woman.

What I really enjoyed in this book was that Tate, the female main character although suffering from her past, was willful, loyal, and hell bent to do things on her own and on her terms.  She wasn’t whiny, or so easily swayed. But she had that whisper of vulnerability that made her jaded and a little man shy. Of course, equally enjoyable was James Bowen, who was more than up for the challenge to break down the walls Tate had erected.  He accepts Tate’s jibes with understanding and humor. He is patient without being a pushover or an asshat.

Author Elle Aycart took what could have been a conventional romance novel and added another element.  I’m pretty sure this is what made the book for me. Although James Bowen is definitely up there– total hottie. She added a little criminal suspense that kept you on your toes. She worked it into James and Tate’s relationship so well.  Aycart’s story development is fluid and full. There were never any parts in the story that seemed misplaced or disjointed. Her secondary characters added to the story and were not in competition with the main characters or the main plot line.

One other point that added a star for myself was the characters were not young, just out of college newbies, who in most books have their whole life mapped out and are ready to settle down. James was in his mid 30’s, has been at his career for a while and aside from settling with one woman, has his act together. Tate is in her late 20’s and works outrageously hard. This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy reading about the younger ones but you rarely read a book where any of the main characters are past the age of 26– even in the contemporary or adult genres. So it made for a nice change.

This was a great read that had a bit of it all—humor, romance, sexiness, a bit of angst and suspense. It was an all around fab read. If you haven’t read this one yet, get on it. The Bowen men are definitely worth the read. Heavy Issues is book #2 in the series. D4/5

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