MY LORD by Raine Miller, The Rothvale Legacy II ~Cover Reveal~


Release: October 24, 2014


Priceless paintings…

Done in a master’s hand…

Revealed two centuries after they were created…

A collection of paintings has complicated Lord Rothvale’s life in ways he could never

imagine. Actually, make that a beautiful art specialist from the University of London

responsible for the complications in his life.

He’s sure about one thing though. Before Gabrielle Hargreave blew back into his sights

on a stormy summer night, he never felt this good. She’s turned his world upside down,

along with his wounded heart.

But Gabrielle is sporting a wounded heart of her own, and she’s terrified of risking it

again on someone like Ivan. Will he hurt her as others have done? Or is Ivan Everley

more than just commanding male beauty in a lordly package?

He will tell you he is, and knows how to keep his head in the game when it matters. The

truth is clouded for these two and there is trouble afoot, but one thing is certain. Ivan

has identified his target, and is determined to take the win—making Gabrielle his one

and only Lady Rothvale.

A love beyond any price…

Lives intertwined over the ages…

Discoveries of the heart and of treasures hidden away…

“I want to be your lord and master, Gabrielle.” -IVAN EVERLEY




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