~ MY MISERY MUSE by Brei Betzold ~ Review

mmmSo when I first saw the cover – which I love, it’s not that I judged the book by its cover but I kinda figured there were going to be some tatted up bad boys. Wow, not only was I rewarded with the very hot and tatted up bad boys but you just wanted to be pressed up against them and kissed senseless. these bad boys were sensitive, sweet, protective and honestly you just couldn’t find better guys to want to love. They are most definitely book boyfriend worthy.
The premise for this story is what really pulled me in. It is a little different than the typical formula that is out there. Here’s the thing, there are only so many ways to write romance, that the formula is going to be repeated often. However, Brei Betzold added an element to the story that I have not seen in a bad boy, rock setting before. She handled it and developed this part of the story quite well. There were a few parts that I felt could have been better portrayed and developed. But on the whole it was well done, real and refreshing.
Her characters were well developed. And although, there are those of us who have read many a book about a tatted up rock star, she added a thoughtfulness to these characters without taking the edginess and rawness away from them. I liked that the female primary character was independent but not stone cold and so jaded that she was without feelings.
As with many self-pubbed books, the editing needed work. There were quite a few grammatical areas, that by the end of the book, you really just wanted to go back and edit. Me, being a teacher, makes me extra critical of the grammar/spelling area of books though. There were also times, I wished she had chosen to vary some of her adjectives. there were a few words that were repeatedly used, causing the vision of the scene to fog. for example, the word brushed in reference to kissing, is used quite frequently. However, do not let this deter you from reading this story. Brei Betzold is a new author and will grow with each book she writes. My Misery Muse is her debut novel and she did a great job with this story. I think that as she gets more comfortable in her style and soul of her writing, we will see stories that are richer, fuller and more expansive. My Misery Muse is still definitely worth your time to read. I can’t wait for book 2, Faith. My Misery Muse is a solid read.         D 3.5/5


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