~NEW RELEASE~ and ~REVIEW~ Love Revolution by Michelle Mankin

*I received an ARC to read and give an objective and honest opinion.* I had already read Love Evolution (book #1) and loved it. I was so excited to get my hands on Love Revolution! Let me just say Love Revolution rocked the house!!!! This was a little bit country and a whole lotta HOTNESS!!! I really enjoyed how we got two stories out of this one with the Daniels sisters, Sam and Sara.
These two sisters are gorgeous, feisty, independent and funny as all get out. They also have the unknowing ability to bring even the baddest of boys to heel.
This time, we get to know more about Brutal Strength’s womanizing drummer JR and come-back rocker Chris Alex. Both these hotter than hot guys won’t know what hit ’em when they come face to face with the Daniels sisters. Chris’ rock and Sarah’s country vibes blend seamlessly and beautifully together but that’s as far as Sarah wants it to go. But even she cannot deny the intense, raw and increasing connection the two of them have.
There’s something about JR that Sam just can’t deny her feelings for him. She knows she could get hurt in the end. He knows that he may not be good enough for her. She is everything he isn’t. Neither of them can turn and walk away.
Just like in Love Evolution, there is action and drama in this story. I love that Mankin brings this element to the story. It makes it exciting and gives you an adrenalin rush that isn’t just from physical attraction. Being that I live in Vancouver, I was all over the story taking place here. YES!!! I loved sightseeing in my own city with Love Revolution. I also found it really cool that, there were some mention of things that only a Vancouverite would know or someone that frequently visits would know. It made the story more believable in that sense.
Mankin’s writing has evolved so much in this second instalment. The story flows easily and the meshing of the two stories is perfect. So although there are two stories going on, the story is not choppy in delivery. The characters are fabulous making you laugh, swoon, get pissed off and just love them all.
Michelle is great at taking you on a winding twisting trip and then she just leaves you to say WHAT?!?!?! In an awesome way of course. Yep– she left you with a mother of all cliff hangers. Now we have to wait until Spring 2013 for Love Resolution. UGH!! Just have to reread Love Revolution in the meantime.
Michelle Mankin is ROCKTASTIC!!!! Love Revolution is a definite must read!!! D 5/5

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Revolution-Records-Shakespeare-Inspired-ebook/dp/B00A6DE8IG?&linkCode=wsw&tag=flianddirboob-20

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