~NEW RELEASE~ and ~REVIEW~ Schooled by Deena Bright

 (Read October 31, 2012) Everyone needs a refresher course every now and then. Just to remind yourself that you have a self and you are worth it. Janelle Garrity found just a way to do that after being forced into it while coming to terms with a failed marriage.
Follow this “always do the right thing, please everyone else” high school teacher, as she learns about her own sexuality, assertiveness and being a beautiful, so- worth- it woman.
Schooled will have you so involved in the story that when you burst out laughing, you suddenly realize you’re in a crowded public place and everyone wonders what’s your deal… I love how Deena Bright made me laugh yet still enjoy the HOT factor. I loved that Bright wasn’t afraid to weave a lot of humour into her story. It was a great switch from the equally loved angst we find in other stories.
Bright found the perfect host of characters to bring this story to life. (Go Team Leo and by the lake) She did a fabulous job of giving us a mind’s eye of who these people were. I thoroughly enjoyed the diversity among characters– you could relate because they were not over the top fantasy characters. We would run into these people in our everyday lives. We have known or have these people in our lives. Thus, it was very easy to relate to all of them.
The writing was smooth and the story flowed well with the events occurring being believable and appropriate to the plot of the story.
As Deena Bright’s debut novel, Schooled gets an ‘A’ . A great addition to anyone’s TBR list. D. 4/5


  1. Bobbie H says:

    So glad you guys reviewed this book, I’ve downloaded the sample a couple of days ago because it sounded so good but hadn’t seen it reviewed anywhere. Definitely gonna buy it next 🙂

  2. Elle says:

    I recommended it, specially if uliked fifty shades….not like bare to you which is a complete copy cat.