~New Release and Review~ Ten Days of Perfect by Andrea Randall

Ten Days of Perfect by Andrea Randall is a great read!!! It is heartwarming, sweet and let’s face it Bo is HOT!!!! Ladies, I think you will also really enjoy this book because the leading lady is a strong independent gal who isn’t afraid to say what she needs to say!!!

Not only does this book give you sexy love but there’s action too!!! Andrea Randall knows how to twist the plot and make you turn the pages faster to see what happens next!!! There’s more but I can’t tell ya.. Guess you’ll have to download from Amazon and see for yourself!!!

Here’s a link to our review of Ten Days of Perfect…

Review link:  http://www.flirtyanddirtybookblog.com/new-release-and-review-ten-days-of-perfect-by-andrea-randall/

Check it out!!!

Amazon link:  http://www.amazon.com/Days-Perfect-November-Series-ebook/dp/B009EIKAPO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1351044704&sr=8-1&keywords=ten+days+of+perfect

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