~NEW RELEASE and Review~ Ten Days of Perfect by Andrea Randall

Ten Days of Perfect is Andrea Randall’s debut write. What a great way to enter the literary world. This book turned out to be so much more than I thought. I knew this was going to be romantic but there are some twists and unexpected events that made this a solid read for me.

Ember Harris is the daughter of hippie musicians, independent, feisty, gorgeous, loving but guarded. She is not about to let her heart be broken until she meets the son of wealthy socialites, handsome, intense, musically talented Bo Cavanaugh. Did I mention how hot he is… he is one book guy who is definitely swoon worthy. He is not only physically attractive but he is articulate, thoughtful, values family and patient.

Andrea did a really good job of character development. You definitely got a sense of who these people were and you definitely got a great picture in your mind of what all the characters looked like (HOT). Her secondary characters were not fluff and you loved them as much as the main characters. You can picture a full story on them as well.

The writing was consistent and solid without it being to over the top. She knows just when to switch gears and make you go “huh didn’t see that comin’. ” It is witty, loving, endearing, and intense. I also really liked the characters names. It subtly helped set the tone for the story — at least for me. I don’t often like how some characters inner dialogue is used in a book. However in this instance it worked. Ember’s “in her head” voice add a good dose of humour to Ten Days of Perfect.

What really did it for me with this book is the cliff hanger of all endings… enough said. Can’t wait for the release of November Blue #2!!!

TEN DAYS OF PERFECT by Andrea Randall is definitely worth your time to read. Great debut novel.  D 4/5

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