Long before reading this book, I noticed an intriguing, hot cover come through on a media feed. I immediately was on a hunt for this book and anything tied to it. Sadly, it was somewhat of an enigma for a bit. Daily, i searched for the author behind this fab cover. I just knew that I had to read this story– HAD TO READ IT!!! So when Marie Coulson gave me the opportunity to read Bound Together…. Let’s just say I was more than excited. I will say I had absolutely no idea what the story was about. i went in completely blind and unaware. I will not go into the story at all as I had so much fun not knowing when I started to read that I think, other than the synopsis given, you should begin this story just as naive. 😉 Marie Coulson propelled me into the worlds of Jared Garrett and Ollie Green. Two completely opposite in every way kind of guys yet so amazingly the same. Let’s see whose team you decide to jump on.

I have heard some say this book seemed a little longer than others. However, this did not dilute the story nor did it lag or make you want to put the book down. The fluidity of the story was smooth and the transitions and shifts in the sub stories were very well done. The secondary characters were hilarious and supported the main characters wonderfully. I felt myself being drawn into their stories just as much as the main characters. The character of Layla was refreshingly portrayed. She was real and she was identifiable in every way. By this, I mean she was immature, naive and at times I wanted to smack her upside the head. I suppose when I was 19/20 yrs old, I was somewhat like this and played games with the ones you were supposed to like and love. There will be many who will not be able to relate to her or will find a complete disconnect from her and not relate in any way, shape or form. I however, could picture myself in my college days, hanging out with my friends and enjoying life. As for Jared and Ollie’s characters, i won’t give too much away… there were things you wanted to absolutely love and there were things you wanted to give them a smack upside the head — so in other words just like the guys we love in our real worlds. I will say there were times that Jared’s character did not fit what I pictured to be a 22 yr old guy. I’m hoping things will be clearer with the second book.
I know whose team I’m on… Who will you choose?

Bound Together is LUSTFUL! SWEET! LOVING! FUN! and MADDENING! — Marie Coulson just gained herself a spot in the romance/contemporary romance world. Bound Together is her debut novel. Can’t wait for book two! Bound Together is bubblegum for the mind and is not out to end world hunger or bring peace to the world. It is simply for fun and escape. There were things that may have been over the top and quite possibly laughable but the book is a work of fiction and a break away from the daily grind that is life. D 4/5

Firstly, I would like to start off by congratulating Marie Coulson on her AMAZING Debut novel, Bound Together. I have completely loved this read and getting to know the brilliant characters, I can’t wait for the next novel in this series 🙂  My partner in Flirty and Dirty crime, D, had been all over this novel as soon as she saw the cover so I can now blame her for my newest book hangover!

Right from the very beginning Bound Together had my complete and undivided attention. I have to admit, I was a little nervous when I realized that this was a rather large novel but let me assure you that once you finish, you will be left wanting more! I couldn’t put Bound Together down!

I can honestly say that I have absolutely enjoyed all of the characters that Marie Coulson has created; you can tell that a lot of time was spent on character development. I love the main character of Layla; she has reminded me of what it was like to be young and starting out in life. Layla is fun yet responsible, she’s also completely devoted to her family and friends. Then we have Ollie Green and Jared Garrett ~swoons~! I will start by telling you all mitts off, D and I have first dibs on these guys 🙂  LOL! More BRILLIANT characters!!! Ollie is a fun loving, kind-hearted marshmallow, any and every girl would swoon over a sweetheart like Ollie <3 Jared, what can I say about my newest Book Boyfriend Obsession… Jared is intense and passionate. When Jared sees something he wants, he will do anything and everything in his power to make it happen.

Bound Together has become my newest book obsession. The story is fun, yet intense, and HOT! For those of you looking for a fabulous read Bound Together by Marie Coulson is your next read!!! N 5/5

Bound Together will be available on Amazon Friday, November, 30, 2012.


  1. Rae (Blair) says:

    isn’t this a trilogy? It would help if me (the reader) could find out the date of when the three books are going to be available for reading. I am fast becoming fed up with trilogies that take forever to be released. Hopefully, these will come close to each other?

    • admin says:

      It is a trilogy. As this is Marie Coulson’s debut novel we do not have release dates for the next two novels in the series.

      Sorry 🙁


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