~NEW REVIEW~ Broken by J.B. McGee

I have had Broken by J.B. McGee downloaded for some time but, didn’t have a chance to read it until recently.  How I wish I had only know what I was missing out on.

J.B. McGee has written a beautiful and heartwarming story about fate and taking chances, and the battle to overcome heartache while learning to trust in your heart again.  J.B. has taken her time developing the story, not rushing the important moments, making me feel like I was actually caught up in the moment.

I ardor the characters of Broken, Gabby is beautiful and full life but there is always something holding her back from being the person, she knows in her heart, she wants to be.  Bradley has never experienced anything like this in his life before, is he really ready for it?

What I really enjoyed about Broken was that I experienced so many emotions while reading this story but yet, by the end of this first novel my heart was left feeling full of love and hope.

Looking for a for a feel good love story that will toy with your emotions, make your pulse race and leave you wanting more, Broken is your next read.  I can’t wait for Mending, the second novel in this series to be released.  <3  N. 4/5

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