~NEW REVIEW~ CRUSH by Lacey Weatherford

 (Read October 23, 2012) For any of you that have read any of Lacey Weatherford’s books you know that she doesn’t write ordinary. There is always a twist or a “what just happened” moment to her stories. Crush is no exception.
Crush is a story of forbidden yet unavoidable attraction and love. A story of secrets that cannot be revealed until it is possibly too late.
Weatherford knows how to balance the right measures of physical attraction, angst, and humour. I also love how the female primary character is not wishy washy. She is independent and strong but capable of letting love in to her heart.
There was a moment or two where I felt rushed into accepting a situation. However, it did not disturb the flow or order of the story. It was more of a case of wanting more. You come to know these characters so well through the evolution of the story and how Weatherford laces and weaves the relationships of all the characters. That you just want more of them. Even her secondary characters play major roles in the development of the story and ultimately the end of the story. The characters are believable, consistent and fit easily within the story. Her story line for Crush gives your heart what it needs but also fills the adrenaline need with some great dramatic action. there is always a vivid picture in your mind of what is going on. And… Hunter will definitely become one of your new book boys.
Lacey Weatherford will have you rooting for the underdog, laughing, crying and hoping.
Crush is a definite TBR book!!! D 4/5

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  1. Nikki says:

    I read Crush over the weekend and I will have to agree that it does not disappoint. It was soooo good, and Hunter is incredibly Yummy!!

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