~NEW REVIEW~ Exquisite by Ella Frank

I have just finished reading the most amazing novel, Exquisite by Ella Frank. There are some reads that you know, just by the first few pages; you are going to be hooked. Exquisite did just that to me!  Right from the beginning Exquisite grabbed my attention and didn’t let go!  I knew I wouldn’t be able to put it down!

 I absolutely loved the characters in Exquisite, each character being a strong and well-developed personality.  I love when an author can make me feel emotionally attached to the characters in a story.  I felt a strong connection to each of them, especially Lena.  Lena is a complicated character and I felt an instant love for her.   I wanted to know what she was about and where she was headed. Then there’s Mason, what can I say about Mason except that he has become another Book Boyfriend of mine (shhhh don’t tell my husband, LOL)!  Mason is a fabulous character, strong, fun and a little dark.  Just when I thought I had him all figured out…

Exquisite is a beautifully written story that has so much to offer the reader.  If you are looking for a read that will engage all of your emotions, look no further. While my emotions were taken on quite the rollercoaster ride I wasn’t left feeling devastated.   

 Exquisite has everything I look for in a novel, a nice flow, packed with lots of story and loveable characters.  Exquisite is also very HOT, very sexy HOT!  Ella Frank has written a brilliant novel, one that I am still thinking about!  N  5/5


  1. gungirl007 says:

    I’ll have to grab this one up, It does sound really good. Great Review 🙂

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