~NEW REVIEW~ Jake Undone by Penelope Ward


Hi everyone it is us Book Besties with our first joint review since we became Official Flirty and Dirty girls thanks to the wonderful ladies Dee and Nic for totally rocking our world.  We will be doing a lot more reviews so we sure hope you like them!

So here is our review of Jake Undone by Penelope Ward

Hey Davetta how excited have we been this week. Lol So let’s dive in and tell me what did you think to Jake Undone?  (and I mean the book not just Jake missis!!)

Okay okay what to talk about other than Jake….. Just Kidding BB!! When I first saw this book I had not read any of the blurb or the reviews so I was just going by the cover (which is great btw) and I was actually expecting it to be a Rockstar Romance. Wrong! This book is a romance/falling in love story but I have to say it is not your typical hot romance read. It covers many major life issues and the story was all about overcoming them for the sake of love.  As soon as our main two characters meet in this book its like BAM you feel the attraction with them 

So what were your thoughts Naomi what did you think about this book? I know you love your inked and pierced heroes (is that drool BB?? Lol)

I totally agree with your take on this book BB. If I had to sum up how I felt after reading this book then the best word I could think of is ‘Journey’.  I felt like I had been on a total journey within this book, when I was reading it I was thinking wow all that happened in this book! There is so much crammed into this story and like you said BB a lot of major life issues and it covers them so well, I didn’t feel it was rushed at all and covered everything just the right amount.  I would say one thing this book definitely did do was to send a seriously great and strong message.  Never judge a book by its cover (or a man by his ink and piercing’s). 

Here it is Davetta the question you have been dying for… What did you think of Jake?

Well at first BB I have to admit I thought he was just another hot guy who knew and was going to be a total player that broke hearts wherever he went, and don’t get me wrong he is no angel when we meet him but it turns out he has a huge heart (among other things..lol) and we learn he also has a heavy cross to bear.  There are tough decisions pushed Jakes way in this book and how he handles them makes you fall for him right away, secrets and all. Oh and the fact that he is sexy as hell doesn’t hurt 😉

What did you think of our dark and mysterious lead man Naomi??

Okay I know this will shock you BB….. I LOVED HIM!! Lol! I thought he was absolutely amazing and to me he was just the ultimate book boyfriend because he had just a little (or maybe a lot) of everything that you would Want Need or Desire in a man.  I felt like Jake was somebody who is constantly judged by people because of his exterior and I also felt like the more I read the more I understood why he just let people misjudge who he was. He made me laugh and he made me cry and he made me wish I was Nina!

Final question Davetta, did we like Nina?

Well BB when you first meet Nina I think you will agree with me that it seems like a miracle that she can even leave the house and face the world with as many hang ups that she has.  But once you get reading it all kind of falls into place and you discover the heartbreak this girl has lived. I just thought she was a sweet loving girl with a beautiful soul but also head strong when it came to the crunch.  I loved the strength you see grow within her as the story unfolds.  I think we definitely liked.

What do you think Naomi was she a leading lady we liked or a whiner we couldn’t stick?

BB you summed it up perfectly! When I first met her character I truly felt for her as she seems so delicate and broken. But as you go on this journey with her and Jake you realise pretty quickly the whys and wherefores and I totally understood and empathised with her. I felt that all she truly needed was someone to believe in her, just like we all do.  Once that happened you saw the strength and beauty of a wonderfully strong young woman. 

Okay so as always our joint opinion on this book?

I think from reading the above it is very apparent that we both really enjoyed this book.  In fact we would go as far as to say we loved it.  There really is so much packed into this story that you feel like you have read more than one book, but the brilliance is there is NO cliff hanger. (phew)

We think that a big lesson in this book is that we shouldn’t judge someone we don’t know.  Everybody has we are sure done this and most of the time completely unfairly.  This story is filled with people’s misconceptions and judgement of someone before truly knowing who they are and what they are about.   As ever in a book where boy meets girl communication is key and at time you will without doubt find yourself screaming ‘TALK TO EACHOTHER!!’ but that’s what makes this book a total page-turner.  There are many issues covered in this book and they will touch everybody who reads it in some way as we all have to deal with the harsh realities of the world, and this book covers those in a way that makes you feel and understand them (but without devastating you).  But having said that we also need to add that this book is Sexy and Hot and yes ladies our man Jake may have a bit of a filthy mouth *sigh* Davetta is fanning herself right now from the memory of said mouth!! Lol

We also just had to mention one of the sub characters in this book because she rocked our world and she will no doubt rock yours.  Skylar. We adored this young lady and fell in love wither the moment we met her because quite honestly she comes with a punch (her full story is out 2014).

So to wrap it up people this book is a rollercoaster ride of emotion and strength and when you’re done you will feel like you were there with them all the way. This is what we would consider a must read.

Davetta – 4.5/5 Life is hard but love is worth it stars 

Naomi – 5/5 Lip piercingly beautiful stars

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