~NEW REVIEW~ My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron


There is no greater feeling than the feeling of falling in love. My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron reminded me of what it felt like to be young and in love.

This fabulous story had my attention right from the beginning with its entertaining characters. Taylor and Hunter’s chemistry is fresh and funny with a little angst thrown into the mix.  Oh and let’s not forget the sexual tension, My Favorite Mistake is packed full of sexual tension!!!  Thank you Chelsea M. Cameron for not writing a heavily emotional read that would leave me with a major book hangover, my heart can only take so many, LOL!! J I would like to thank Ms. Cameron for adding yet another amazing Book Boyfriend to my list as Hunter Zaccadelli is absolutely dreamy!  I really enjoyed the secondary characters, I thought they were just as fun as the main characters and that the story would not have been the same without them!  I did find myself laughing and smiling a lot while reading this novel as the story line and the banter between the characters is so well written.  There were a few unexpected twists and turns that kept me on my toes; I couldn’t put My Favorite Mistake down as I didn’t want to miss anything.

My Favorite Mistake is an absolutely brilliant read that will take you on the emotional ride of falling in love, experiencing the ups and downs, the joy and the pain.  I can promise you it will be a ride you won’t want to miss out on. ~N  5/5



  1. Woooo! I’m squealing! This book is sitting on my iPad just waiting to be read! It will be next on my list after I finish the one I’m reading now! Loving all the NA/YA that’s out there!

    • admin says:

      This is one of Nic’s faves. She talks about it all the time. Nic loves the story and the characters. It’s a nice story, an awesome read.