~NEW REVIEW~ Naked by Raine Miller

I love sharing great reads with others but I really love it when others recommend FABULOUS reads to me!  That is exactly what Raine Miller’s novella Naked is, FABULOUS!! 

Do not let the fact that Naked is a novella stop you from downloading it!!   I am amazed at how much story was in this little treasure!  Naked is the first in the series and I can’t wait to read the sequel.  Naked is brilliantly written; the characters of Brynne an American photographic model and Ethan, a wealthy English businessman are strong and well developed.  I really felt connected to both characters.  Raine Miller has written such an emotionally charged story, full of passion and angst!  If you are looking for your next read after Fifty Shade or Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series, Naked is a MUST download for you. Ethan Blackstone will give Christian and Gideon a run for their money  🙂   N. 5/5

So this was a novella right? Raine Miller used what little amount of words make a novella and packed it full. You honestly did not think you only read 115 pages by the end of Naked. 
I love that her characters are strong and independent yet have a vulnerable side to them so that they do not come across as b****es and a-holes. You instantly fall for Ethan Blackstone and can’t help but wonder what his story truly is.
The physical attraction is so hot and the way in which Miller alternates the two characters inner monologue makes it that much more sensual and alluring.
The title of this book is so aptly named as her characters are stripped ‘Naked’ to their bare feelings and what they do to one another. 
And we most definitely cannot disregard the cover of this book. HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could it not entice you to read this book. The cover alone sends quivers through your core.
This was a definite 5 star!!!   D. 5/5


  1. Melissa says:

    I have added it to the top of my list!

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