~NEW REVIEW~ ROCK the HEART by Michelle A. Valentine

Hot rock gods, music and hot lovin’… yep i’m a sucker for it all. How can you not fall for that combo?
this is Michelle Valentine’s debut novel. She rocked this baby!!!

Some might say that this song has been sung before. However, I really enjoyed and was excited how Michelle made the main characters her own. Lane and Noel had their own story to tell. The Black Falcon series is making its own music and is a playlist you don’t want to miss out on.

The story had great movement and choreography– In other words, I did not feel any awkward transitions nor did I need to stop and do the “what the?” The plot was well thought out and fluid. There were no skipped chords, no problems with the mic or missed lyrics. — Everything fell into place like it should have, making the story easy to get hooked into. 😉

I can’t review this book without mentioning its cover. HOT!!!!!! Chart topper!!!

Rock the Heart has the melody of heart , the harmony of sensual lust and the lyrics of a love meant to be. This is going straight to the top of the charts!!! D 4/5

Amazon link:   http://www.amazon.com/Rock-the-Heart-ebook/dp/B00A86JP4S?&linkCode=wsw&tag=flianddirboob-20

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