I really enjoyed this book. Some will say it has been done before. However, Nicole Reed took a difficult issue and made the story her own. It was intense and raw but remained believable.
Three guys… JT- her boyfriend she forced herself to give up, Rhye- the boy who helped ease the pain, and Kane- the boy who could make it go away forever. As Jay struggles to keep her dark secrets contained in her isolated bubble, these three guys will vie for her love and her heart in different ways. And in the process, Jay is beginning to lose control.
I really enjoyed how Nicole Reed inter-wove the conflict in Jay’s life amongst the three guys. It did not get too distracting or confusing being that there were so many characters. Even though there is one main story, you are pulled into multiple sub stories that ultimately will collide with one another. The stories are detailed yet straight forward. They draw from every emotion and feeling leaving you to laugh, cry, be angry, feel a sense of grief and just want to hope.
The characters that have evolved from this story are multi – layered and not just run of the mill young men. They have their own story to tell and need or want Jay in equally deserving ways. And above all, they want the same thing for her. Jay is drowning in the isolation she has created and doesn’t even know it. Throughout the book you will develop a love hate thing for all the characters as they figure out their place in Jay’s life.
Although Ruining Me is packed with angst and heartache, I did not feel like I was suffocating in it. There still seemed to be a hand of hope reaching for you. I also was drawn to the fact that throughout the story, there are never instant solutions to the challenges and conflicts of characters. It makes the story much more credible and convincing.
On a lighter note– you will definitely come to add a few more book boys to your list of the one’s you love.
This is definitely a story worth your time. it is well written, with well developed characters, and a full plot. Nicole Reed’s debut novel is a definite hit. I am excited to read more from her D 4/5

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