~NEW REVIEW~ Sex.Love.Repeat by Alessandra Torre


Hey Davetta we are back talking about another book. YAY! So what did you think about Sex.Love.Repeat overall? 

Hey BB well Firstly how delighted are we to be reading this ARC! So the first words to come to mind are OMG! This book was so amazing and I just felt the story was really strong.  I am normally pretty good about figuring out a plot and where a story is leading but ‘Nuh uh’ not this one, it just kept on throwing me for a loop in the best possible way. As you know BB I enjoy a good ol’ love triangle but seriously this one has the best twist EVER.

What about you Naomi did you love it?

I did really enjoy this book BB.  I mean the plot twists were epic and I found myself shouting ‘OMG No Way’ and at one point trying to explain to my fella what had happened (yes he just stared at me blankly and carried on with whatever he was doing) but I just had to share it with someone.  My only complaint would be that it was just to short and I think there could have been so much more as the story is explosive.  But don’t get me wrong because I could not out it down until it was finished.  I had to know what happened.

Okay Davetta now for the question I know you love to be asked… tell us your thoughts on the men in Madisons life?? 

BB I loved them both.  You have Paul who is dare I say it, perfect. From the start he was just so charming and only in the game for her.  All he wants is Madison and he will go along with anything just so he doesn’t lose her. Then there is Stewart and talk about strong sexy silent types.  That is Stewart down to a tee.   Just thought he was soo sexy. Madison is one lucky lady.

What did you think of Stewart and Paul Naomi???

I can tell you now BB from the get go that Paul is my favourite in this book. Gorgeous beach bum, surfer body with shaggy hair and a little scruff on his chin *swoons*. I fell in love with his character almost as soon as he was introduced and the more I read the harder I fell. I think that this had a bearing on the story for me and how I felt about other characters in the book.  Don’t get me wrong Stewart is hot and a little bit of a dirty b*stard but at the end of the day WORK is WORK!!! Paul puts Madison first and that was going to win me over every time.

So Madison what were your thoughts Davetta was she everything we love in a lead female? 

Madison, well well well, what a greedy young lady she is. I was just grateful for the fact I did not have to read about a woman whining about this…(I love him, no I love him. I can’t make up my mind I’m so confused) blah blah blah…..this chick owns up to the situation and makes no excuses or apologies for her actions and why should she. I loved that about Madison, her raw honesty is a breath of fresh air…..KEEP IT REAL GIRL!!!!!

What do you reckon Naomi do you agree with my take on Madison?

I guess I do and I don’t BB.  When I first started this story I honestly thought that I was not going to like Madison very much.  It’s not because of the predicament/relationships she was in, I mean hey if it works then who am I to judge.. Especially when they are two HOT consenting grown men! Go Madison!

But at times she would come out with comments or behave in a way that I thought was mean. We all know when we are hurting someone and at times I felt like she was a bit of b*tch that wanted it all.. sod the consequences!!.  I think my reasons for feeling a little MEH with her was because I love Paul and it has an impact on the story.  Which I think is a great compliment to the author.

Okay so last but not least our joint opinion of Sex.Love.Repeat?

One of the best things about this book is that even though it is a short read it truly is an emotional rollercoaster.  The dialogue at time in this book shocked us in the best possible way by being shockingly sexy and a lot dirty. It was ’wow wow wea’ at times!!  There were fantastic twists and moments of complete heartbreak that had us both shouting NO WAY and that to us is always the sign of a great read. Simply put this book will grab you from the start and won’t let you go until the very end.

Davetta – 5/5 Three is not a crowd Stars

Naomi – 4/5 Twistilicious Stars

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