~NEW REVIEW~ Take Me by Olivia Cunning

(Read October 29, 2012) Olivia Cunning never fails to impress with the HOT factor!!!!!! Take Me definitely lit up the pages and burned in the sexiest way possible.
In the first 2 novellas of this series we are introduced to Shade as an obnoxious, cold- hearted man-whore. Take me paints him with more feeling and layers. You will fall in love with the mysterious, detached man behind his shades. I found myself saying, “AWWW” or “That was so sweet.” In Take Me there is so much more to him that he does not want the world to see but Amanda Lange knows otherwise. Spend one night with the front man of Sole Regret and you’ll want him forever.
Although the books in this series are considered novellas, Cunning does an amazing job of not letting the gaps get too big or leaving the story too vague. She does leave you craving for more though. You do have to read all the novellas and in order to get the full picture of all the members of Sole Regret. However, that being said if you read this on it’s own you would definitely get a story of lust, love and need. You would miss out on the deeper story [no pun intended ;)]
Take Me is the third in the series and I can’t wait for Owen and Kellen’s stories. Olivia knows how to do rock and good lovin’!!! D. 4/5

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