The Crush was a wonderful story that warms your heart and gives that feel good smile.
Grier Daniels and Wynn Wakefield were meant to be together right from the beginning. CA Williams did a good job of showing the attraction of Grier and Wynn. (I love their names.) I would have liked to have seen a little more intensity in the initial attraction and relationship between the two characters but what was described did do the trick. Overall the character development was pretty solid; including secondary characters.
The foundation of the story was good and lent itself to an easy flow of events, smooth transitions between characters and an easy to follow plot. I would have enjoyed the book even more if some of the story’s events had been developed or evolved a little more to give the story more substance. At times I found myself wishing for just a little more. I would have liked to have read more about the interaction or friction between Wynn and another character, Lexie. Especially because this story takes place during senior year of high school. There is always conflict between popular girls. Lexie is present in the first part of the book and then kind of drops out of the story for a while. Given the situation, there would have been a lot more voice from a character like Lexie. CA Williams could have run away with a bit more of her story and it would have given more power to the overall story. That being said, the characters were easy to love and their inter-relationships worked well together. They were easily identifiable and not your often seen ‘out of reach’ character.
The Crush was a great story without getting too heavy on the angst or over the top type of relationship. It was light and enjoyable. I would definitely like to see more from these characters. This is CA Williams debut story. She did a wonderful job and i look forward to reading more from her and watching her grow as a writer.
The Crush is worth having on your TBR list.  D 3/5

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