~NEW REVIEW~ Wethering The Storm by Samantha Towle

16053316OHHHH EMMM GEEEE!!!  I LOVE Jake Wethers even more than I thought was possible!!!!  Ladies you will not be disappointed!!!  Samantha Towle does it again… Brilliant!!!  I always worry when an author puts out a sequel to a phenomenal book because my expectations are so high that anything less than amazing will crush me.  You need not worry when it comes to Samantha Towle’s latest release and followup to The Mighty Storm,  Wethering The Storm.  Absolutely bloody marvellous read!!!  For those of you who love Jake and Tru as much as I do, I promise you it was worth the wait!   The characters we all came to love in The Mighty Storm are back, felt like I had been reacquired with some old friends!  The brilliant Ms. Towle took me on one incredible emotional roller coaster ride!  I honestly can’t believe the last time I felt so full of angst and happiness at the same time, not to mention that I full-on cried happy and sad tears!    Thank you Samantha Towle for writing fabulous characters in a brilliant story that kept me connected and wanting more.  Hot and sexy, full of angst Wethering The Storm will have you on the edge of your seat wanting to know where the next chapter in Jake and Tru’s journey will take them.  I savoured every page and I know you will too!!!  N. 5/5

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  1. Wilmarie says:

    Just finished it today and am so truly in love with Tru & Jake’s love story!!

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