Nic’s review of Grey by E. L. James


by E.L. James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Grey was a solid 5-star read for me! If I can’t put a book down, if it consumes my thoughts and if I have a book-hangover after I finish it… It’s a 5-star read. So thank you E L James for my most recent book-hangover <3

So many people have been complaining that Grey was no different than FSOG, I’m really not sure what they were expecting from an alternate point of view. Did I feel like it was a retelling of the story??? Of course I did but it was how Christian viewed every situation… It was the same but different. As with any book told from an alternate POV, the general storyline is the same but how this character interprets the story was definitely different.

Christian Grey is such an in-depth character, and I definitely saw more depth of his character in Grey. His childhood, his views on himself and how deeply he fell in love without even knowing it. I don’t view him nearly as dark a man as I had when I read FSOG. I have definitely fallen deeper for this book boyfriend!

I also found Grey to be much more erotic than FSOG. Hearing Christian’s words and thoughts… GAH!!!!! H-O-T!!! So much more sensual. If you’re pulse isn’t racing or your thighs clenching after reading some of the scenes as told by Christian…You have issues 😉

It was bittersweet to finish reading Grey, especially since I need MORE!!! I am praying E L James will take pity on us die-hard fans and give us Christian’s POV for each book… I NEED MORE!

Grey won’t be for everyone, some people won’t like it because they are expecting an entirely different story. But, for those of you die-hards like myself, you ARE going to get Christian…and all of his Fifty Shades.


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  1. Cathy says:

    I think I judged to quickly, Yes I fell like I am rereading it, BUT, I am rereading and finding out A LOT more about Christian, about his childhood, is a HUGE plus for me, and yes it is so much more than heart racing when he is giving us his thoughts, So I take back my previous statement, and sometimes you just have to give a book a chance, as I said before all writers are different, and do POV books differently, I should have trusted in E.L James, because she pulled me in with the first 3 books, why wouldn’t she again, I am still not done, as much as I wanted last night to continue to read, and not go to sleep, I have a busy day today and I HAD to get sleep, so all I can say to anyone who started this book, and did not like it, CONTINUE with the story, it is WELL WORTH IT…:)

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