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After reading this, I really had to work through getting Morgan out of my head!!!

Recently I was asked to read Non Friction by Morgan Parker. I was incredibly excited since I have read his other work—Textual Encounters 1 and 2.
Let me first say that NON FRICTION is completely different from Textual Encounters. The writing style alone makes for a very different story.

Non Friction was a humorous yet a very emotional read for me. The story delves into the inner circumstances of a failed marriage between Morgan and Jennifer aka Princess B****. And in fact really looks at what makes any relationship fail or be doomed before they ever begin.
The humor in Non Friction cannot be overlooked or dismissed as merely random—at least in my opinion. Parker had me in laugh out loud, snort in public, oh my heck this woman must be mad kind of laughter. Maybe I’m reading too much into the humor but there were aspects of it, that given the circumstances, one would have to use humor to get through the difficult moments or, what I think to be more the case, look at the circumstances as things that are seemingly simple to repair or communicate but many find themselves unable to exhibit or execute such tasks. It’s the little things that drive the big things. Ok, enough of me trying to be overly profound or zen like.
There was one point in the story where the male m/c Morgan has a dream. I’m not even sure if I understood it to its fullest, yet it was so meaningful and so sad. It somehow put things in perspective for me.
The other female character—and she is not a secondary, both her and Princess B**** of equally valuable roles, Emma is that grounding character. She is the one that puts things in perspective, whether you want her to or not. She is a realist, she says it like it is but still hides behind the yearning of that fairy tale that women hold close to their heart. It was interesting to see both Jennifer and Emma in almost parallel—separately you might think they are so different but as you continue to read further into the book, you see that both of these strong women carried the same vulnerable insecurities between each other and probably most women.
Morgan Parker brings us characters that are so much like you or I yet somehow makes them extraordinary. Not in the Iron Man , Mother Theresa or Angelina Jolie way, but fortifies them with a resilience and an understanding to be human with real feelings and real emotions. Sorry there’s that zen stuff again. Blame Morgan Parker. I do.
Oh I almost forgot—the side story of Oliver and Olivia, which really spotlights many parts of the book, is beautiful and a reason to love and not give up on love.
Bottom line. Read the damn book. It’s so good and honestly I could tell you so much more but just find out for yourself. Parker writes amazeballs stories. I have said it before he is a ‘smart’ writer. One you rarely come across these days. D 5/5

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This is definitely one of my top 10 for 2013!!!

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