~PAINTED LINES by Brei Betzold~ Review

17396742Well Brei Betzold threw me off the track. Painted Lines was so not what I was expecting it to be. In fact it blew me away. In her debut novel My Misery Muse, she wrote about tatted up rock boys and tattoo shop guys. Painted Lines was none of that. This series went after your heart in ways her other book couldn’t even touch—and My Misery Muse was a great story. Painted Lines is not an easy story with a grim but real premise to it. Be prepared to get your hands dirty with this one.

Painted Lines departed from the typical book boy god premise. She gave us a team of misfits if you will, that inch their way into your heart without you even knowing how deeply rooted they become. What is so cool about the characters in this book is how they work as one unit. Their loyalty and love for one another is not without fault but they stay tightly tethered to one another. The boys in Painted Lines earn their book boy rights not through their good looks or alpha male dominance but because of their fierce protectiveness towards the female m/c Scout, their heart and even their fear for their family ties becoming severed. These boys are not individuals but a whole. Another thing that is on my list of why I love Brei’s books is- even though the girls in the stories have problems or are damaged, they are not wussy pushovers. There is still a spark to them that makes them feisty and beautiful.

I absolutely love that Brei Betzold has such an intense undercurrent of family in her stories. Painted Lines really solidifies this and that family is made not only from blood but also by circumstance.  Brei also pushes the atypical boundaries especially in writing NA/Contemporary stories. Her characters aren’t perfect, or perfectly imperfect. She doesn’t build them with societal stereotypes or conformities. And you will never see this ring truer than in Painted Lines.

The humor in Painted Lines and Betzold’s other stories is funny as all get out. I love that there is this element so that you are not taken under and suffocated by the darker situations of the story. She’s got a wicked sense of humor that plays so well into her characters and the story line.

Painted Lines had me wanting more. I found myself disappointed when there were no more pages to read. So now I wait—hopefully not too long because I need more of Scout, Thayne, Cas, Simon, Kale, and Liam. I also love the motorcycle/ custom bike side story. Bikes are hot!!

Although I found there were a number of spelling/grammar errors, this was still a great read. The only thing that stopped this from being a 5 star read for me was there were a couple of areas I felt were a bit rushed in the story or I just wanted more out of the development of a couple of scenes.

Painted Lines will still be listed as one of my favorite reads. D 4/5

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  1. andieleah78 says:

    I would love to read Painted Lines because I’ve read My Misery Muse…which I LOVED (especially Seth…and his piercing…oopsie tmi lol) and I know I will love anything Brei writes:)

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