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We are todays stop on the Pearl Trilogy Blog Tour.  The Pearl Trilogy, written by Arianne Richmonde,  is three full length novels in one package (that means no cliffhangers and waiting for the next book)– Forty Shades of Pearl, Shadows of Pearl and Shimmer of Pearl. Be sure to check out the excerpt an a special POV excerpt. Then enter the give-away for a chance at a $50 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card.

Author: Arianne Richmonde

Genre: Contemporary Adult

Release Date: April 23, 2013 (as a 3 book set)



Book Description:

Documentary producer, Pearl Robinson, is a beautiful and smart 40-year-old divorcee but has not had a date for over two years. When she meets Alexandre Chevalier, a young French, Internet success story, she’s stunned by his charm, beauty and sophistication, and startled by her strong feelings and desire for a man fifteen years her junior.

His looks, wealth and worldwide triumph with his social media site, HookedUp, means this powerful billionaire can get any woman he chooses, but there is something about Pearl he finds irresistible…

The couple begins a passionate affair and Pearl’s body is awakened in ways she never imagined possible. She is consumed by him and his magical touch. But jealous family members, Pearl’s insecurities and other external forces are threatening to pull them apart.

This three-book series, Forty Shades of Pearl, Shadows of Pearl and Shimmers of Pearl follow the couple’s tumultuous and heart-rending relationship.

Will Pearl’s shadowy past and Alexandre’s dark secrets meld them together as one, or split them apart once and for all?



We’re in Alexandre’s beautiful LeMans Blue Corvette heading back to New York City. I’m stretched out in the front seat going over all the sweet details of the day in my mind. It was arduous but probably one of the most satisfying days of my life. While I was getting my breath back after the first climb, mentally gearing-up for another assault on my limbs, I watched Alexandre and Chris scale a rock-face with overhangs, called Sound and Fury. Alexandre maneuvered his body with grace and precision – I was in awe, especially knowing how hard it is to cling on almost vertically, let alone upside down horizontally! They discussed it afterwards, describing their ‘free-swinging ape-man moves’ and it was true, they looked like agile monkeys – it was nail-bitingly tense to watch. Then I did another climb after lunch, harder than the first, and felt as if I’d conquered the world. It was exhilarating. We took lunch at the luxury resort hotel, The Mohonk Mountain House, situated right on Mohonk Lake. It looked like a Victorian castle, with balconies and tall windows and replete with period decor. I guess this must have been where we would have stayed had my face not registered such alarm yesterday. Shame.

      I am wary of my desire to please this man. I have never felt this way before. At least, not since my early years when I wanted to please my father while learning to ride a bicycle. The determination to get it right and earn approval from Alexandre is shocking.
I’m mulling all this over, enjoying the car ride, when he turns his head and says with a little smile:
“You’ve passed the second test.”
“Second? What was the first?” I ask bemused.
“You can’t guess?”
“You have no idea?”
“No, not a clue.”
He smiles, says nothing, and I’m racking my brains wondering what the first test was.
“Give me a hint,” I plead.
“You’ll find out, soon enough.”
I picture myself wearing the helmet today, my ungainly positions, my elbows and knees scratched all over, and wonder if he’s teasing me. The music is loud – a soulful, dusky voice surrounds us, singing about giving over your heart. I feel vulnerable and know that if I did give Alexandre my heart he could break it.
I ask him, “What’s this great song? I don’t think I’ve heard it before.”
“By an artist called Rumer. Doesn’t she have a lovely voice? The song’s called Come to Me High.”
The lyrics speak my mind. I am on a high. A high from the feeling of staring death in the eye. Of course it wasn’t really that way, the ropes could have caught my fall, and did at one point on the second climb – but still, every nerve in my body has been awakened by the thrill of today. The buzz of fear, the fear of failure, and the thrill of the way Alexandre makes me feel inside.
“You should feel proud of yourself, Ms. Robinson.” That R again. That sexy accent. “You’ve really piqued my interest,” he purrs in a soft voice.
He puts his hand on my bare thigh and I feel a shiver run up my spine. I’m wearing a thin cotton skirt which he pushes a couple of inches higher up my leg. His fingers linger on my flesh and I’m too stunned to stir. He starts to move them softly, one hand edging towards my crotch, but oh so subtly – so much so I wonder if I’m imagining it. His other hand is on the wheel. I can feel that pulse deep in my groin again. I look at him. So gorgeous! His chest muscles are ripped from today’s action. I saw him change out of his T-shirt and put on a linen shirt before lunch, and I nearly passed out. His skin was smooth, tanned and flawless with just a small amount of body hair in between his pecs. Just thinking about his body now makes me throb with desire – his elegant fingers imperceptibly still resting on my upper thigh – I feel as if my heart-beat is between my legs. But then, he takes his hand away, back to the steering wheel. I let out a sigh of frustration. He’s tormenting me with this tease.



Pearl has fallen for someone. Halleluiah! I literally, never in a million years, thought it would happen. A French guy, a billionaire no less. I hope she’s not in over her head. But the truth is, I’m encouraging her because she hasn’t had a date for years and no sex for…forEVER. She needs to get out there, have some fun, get laid – even if it is with someone who probably isn’t right for her. 

      So here we are having Sunday brunch in The Village. Amy’s gone to the park with Johnny. So nice to have a break from being Mum. I’m looking forward to our girls’ lunch. It’s sunny and we’re outside watching the world go by. I’ve arrived a little late and Pearl has already had too many Bloody Marys. Even so, she looks wonderful. As usual.
She really is the prettiest woman I know. She could wear a dustbin liner and still look good. I feel like a fat frump next to her. But, man, she is so insecure about herself, it’s a joke.  I wish I could inject her with confidence. She’s like a beautiful version of Bridget Jones. Self-effacing, takes the piss out of herself all the time. Shame. I mean, I love her sense of humor but it’s a shame that she doesn’t realize how fabulous she is. Her shit of a brother doesn’t help – that negative little voice that pit-patters away in her head.
We’re discussing him as we decide what to order. Her gay, overweight, bitchy brother who I think is secretly jealous of her. Bet he wishes he’d been on a date with Alexandre Chevalier. “After you’ve spoken to Anthony you always seem to want to slit your wrists,” I tell her.
“I haven’t noticed that.” She says this deadpan. Jennifer Aniston comic timing.
I steer the conversation back to the sexy, French hunk, try to assure her that he’s interested. “Look, Alexandre fondled your thigh and kissed your hand like some medieval knight. Yes! That’s French for knight!”
“What is?”
“Chevalier. Isn’t that his last name?”
Pearl is now lamenting the fact she’s forgotten all her French. She needs this guy to get her out of her dateless rut. Whatever happened with her divorce, stuff from her past – she’s pretty screwed up about. She needs to get out there. Brave the big bad world again and stop shoving her head in work all the time. I remind her that Monsieur Billionaire Chevalier spent the whole day with her rock climbing and treated her to a swanky lunch so he must really like her.
“But that doesn’t mean he finds me sexy,” Pearl moans. There she goes again. Why doesn’t she get it? Is she blind? Does she not look in the mirror?  If I looked that beautiful I’d be shagging everyone. Well, I wouldn’t because I’m married now but if I were in her singleton shoes I’d be out there having fun! But Pearl is a screw-up. Something, I don’t know what, must have happened to her once because it isn’t normal to look that good and feel so insecure about yourself. The way she avoids sex and dating like the plague? Something isn’t at peace in her head. This guy really must be pretty incredible for her to be so interested.
I say, my voice laced with sarcasm, “Poor Pearl. Alexandre, the Good Samaritan. Taking you on a date because he feels so sorry for ugly duckling you. Look sweetie, I’ll let you in on a secret; men don’t do favors, they do what they feel like doing.”
Pearl’s smiling. Grinning, actually. “When Alexandre had his hand on my thigh I saw a big rock in his jeans,” she whispers. She’s laughing now, the booze gone straight to her head. She goes on, “I assumed it must be his wallet but later, when I looked again, after he’d taken his hand away, it had gone down. Could be my imagination.”
“Imagination, my arse! Men get hard-ons,” I cry out, way too loud. “That’s why they’re men! He had a boner when he touched you! You see? You’re not so hideous after all.”
“Then why didn’t he ask to stay over? Or at least come in for a nightcap? I mean, a ‘Knight cap.’ “ She roars with laughter at her joke and I laugh too. Got to love Pearl, she’s so adorable. But she does have a point. Why didn’t he come in for a knight cap? Twenty-five years old? I’m thinking…small penis? Perhaps Pearl saw a ‘rock’ but in fact it was a pebble.
Or, he likes her so much that he’s biding his time.

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Author Bio:

Arianne Richmonde is an American writer and artist who was raised in both the US and Europe. She is the author of Forty Shades of Pearl, Shadows of Pearl and Shimmers of Pearl, all full length novels in The Pearl Trilogy. She has also written Glass- an erotic short story. She is currently writing a new novel, a suspense.

She lives with her husband and furry family in France.


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